Waypoint: LongBrShelterTr

mile 103.84 / Shelter Junction

West 100 yards to Long Branch Shelter.

Waypoint: ATLongBranchTr

mile 104.66 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Long Branch Trail. West 2 miles to Standing Indian Campground.

Waypoint: GlassmineGap

mile 105.07 / Gap

Waypoint: RockGapShelterTr

mile 107.16 / Shelter Junction

West 100 yards to Rock Gap Shelter, spring.

Waypoint: RockGapShelterN

mile 107.27 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: RockGap

mile 107.40 / Parking

Rock Gap, USFS 67. West 1.5 miles on USFS 67 to Standing Indian Campground, a paid USFS campground with showers, bathrooms and a camp store.

Waypoint: WallaceGap

mile 107.99 / Road

USFS 67 and W Old Murphy Rd (Old U.S. 67).

Waypoint: AT10794

mile 108.10 / Water

Waypoint: AT11021

mile 110.36 / Water


Waypoint: WindingStairGap

mile 111.10 / Parking

Piped spring on south side of road. East to Franklin, NC. Lodging options include Ron Haven's Budget Inn, The Sapphire Inn, Comfort Inn, Microten Inn, Hiker's Den Hostel (same phone as Haven's Budget Inn, (828) 524-4403), Gooder Grove AT and Adventure Hostel, (828) 332-9228. Long-term resupply at Ingles Supermarket, BiLo, Walmart. Outdoor 76 and Three Eagles Outfitters offer camping equipment and shoes. Macon County Transit, (828) 349-2222 offering rides at $3 pp at 9:30a, 12:30p and 3:30p from Winding Stair Gap February thru May, check site http://www.macontransit.org/routes.html.

Waypoint: MooreCreek

mile 111.36 / Water

Northern, upstream Moore Creek crossing.

Waypoint: AT11137

mile 111.54 / Road

Dirt road.

Waypoint: AT11191

mile 112.07 / Water

Small stream, campsite.

Waypoint: SwingingLick

mile 112.24 / Gap

Waypoint: PantherGap

mile 113.12 / Gap

Waypoint: ATSilerBaldTrS

mile 114.80 / Shelter Junction

East 0.5 miles to Siler Bald Shelter, with camping, privy, water, bear cables. The Siler Bald Shelter Trail is a 1.1 mile loop which rejoins the AT.

Waypoint: ATSilerBaldTrN

mile 115.34 / Trail Junction

East 0.6 miles to Siler Bald Shelter with camping, privy, water. The Siler Bald Shelter Trail is a 1.1 mile loop which rejoins the AT. West 0.2 miles to Siler Bald, 5207'.

Waypoint: AT11766

mile 116.42 / Water

Piped spring.

Waypoint: AT11798

mile 116.74 / Water

Footbridge over a stream.

Waypoint: WayahGap

mile 116.99 / Road

N.C. 1310, Wayah Gap. Aquone Hostel at Nantahala Mountain Lodge offers pickups from Wayah, Burningtown or Tellico Gap, (828) 321-2340, http://www.aquonelogcabinrentals.com/at.html, meals, pizza, laundry.

Waypoint: ATWilsonLickTr

mile 118.30 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Wilson Lick Trail.

Waypoint: FS69

mile 118.79 / Water

AT junction with USFS 69, piped spring.

Waypoint: ATBartramS

mile 119.22 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: WineSpring

mile 119.27 / Water

Piped spring, space for a few tents. Junction with the Bartram Trail.

Waypoint: AT12073

mile 119.46 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: AT12209

mile 120.82 / Trail Junction

Two track.

Waypoint: WayahParking

mile 121.00 / Trail Junction

E 100 yards to a bathroom.

Waypoint: WayahBald

mile 121.13 / Summit

Wayah Bald, observation tower.

Waypoint: AT12287

mile 121.58 / Water


Waypoint: ATBartram

mile 121.66 / Trail Junction

Bartram Trail leaves that AT.

Waypoint: WayahShelterTr

mile 122.02 / Shelter Junction

East 100 yds to Wayah Shelter with water, camping. West 200 yds to spring.

Waypoint: LicklogGap

mile 123.47 / Gap

West 0.5 miles to Little Laurel Creek.

Waypoint: AT12518

mile 125.41 / Water


Waypoint: BurningtownGap

mile 125.73 / Parking

N.C. 1397. Aquone Hostel at Nantahala Mountain Lodge offers pickups from Wayah, Burningtown and Tellico Gap, (828) 321-2340, http://www.aquonelogcabinrentals.com/at.html.

Waypoint: ColdSpringShelter

mile 126.92 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, bear cables, spring. Tentsites north on the AT.

Waypoint: CopperRidgeLookout

mile 127.65 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: RockyBaldLookoutTr

mile 128.81 / Trail Junction

E to summit of Rocky Bald.

Waypoint: AT13052

mile 129.15 / Trail Junction

Blue blaze to water.

Waypoint: TellicoGap

mile 130.57 / Parking

N.C. 1365. Aquone Hostel at Nantahala Mountain Lodge offers pickups from Wayah, Burningtown and Tellico Gap. (828) 321-2340 http://www.aquonelogcabinrentals.com/at.html.

Waypoint: WesserBald

mile 131.95 / Summit

Waypoint: WesserSummitJct

mile 131.96 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: AT13232

mile 132.58 / Water

Spring 100' east of the switchback.

Waypoint: WesserBaldShelterTr

mile 132.71 / Shelter Junction

W to Wesser Bald Shelter.

Waypoint: AT13373

mile 134.00 / Scenic Area

View at a minor summit.

Waypoint: JumpUpLookout

mile 134.32 / Scenic Area

View of the Jump-up across the Nantahala River.

Waypoint: RufusMorganShelterTr

mile 137.60 / Shelter Junction

Stream here. E 200' to A. Rufus Morgan Shelter.

Waypoint: NOCOutfitters

mile 138.45 / Outfitter

Open 10-5 in season, sells backpacking gear and food, fuel, ATM, GSMNP permits, coin laundry, showers. Accepts packages. (828) 488-7230, <https://noc.com/retail-locations/outfitters-store>. Ask about loding options, which include hotel rooms and hiker style hostel or cabin accommodations. East 13 miles on U.S. 19 to Bryson City, NC with many services including a supermarket, pharmacy, coin laundry, hospital, hotels.

Waypoint: RiversEnd

mile 138.45 / Restaurant

River's End Restaurant open 11-6 Nov-Feb and 8-7 rest of the year.

Waypoint: NantahalaRiver

mile 138.48 / Bridge

Nantahala River pedestrian bridge, north end. E 100' to Big Wesser BBQ and Brew restaurant, open in season 10a-11p.

Waypoint: AT13961

mile 139.94 / Power line

Waypoint: WrightGap

mile 140.06 / Gap

Dirt road.

Waypoint: AT14074

mile 141.08 / Trail Junction

Side trail 100 yards west to a spring and campsites.

Waypoint: WadeSuttonMemorial

mile 141.30 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: AT14295

mile 141.45 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: GrassyGap

mile 141.52 / Gap

Waypoint: AT14410

mile 142.60 / Water

Dripping rocks.

Waypoint: TheJumpUp

mile 143.20 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: SwimBald

mile 144.39 / Summit


Waypoint: SassafrasGapShTr

mile 145.25 / Shelter Junction

W to Sassafras Gap Shelter, camping and water.

Waypoint: CheoahBald

mile 146.37 / Summit

5062', campsite.

Waypoint: CheoahBartram

mile 146.60 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT and Bartram Trail near Cheoah Bald.

Waypoint: LocustCoveGap

mile 148.88 / Campsite

W 100 yds to a spring.

Waypoint: SimpGap

mile 150.00 / Gap

Waypoint: StecoahGap

mile 152.06 / Parking

N.C. 143, Sweetwater Road, picnic tables. Parking lot. Spring located 300 feet west on road, then down logging road on the left. West 9 miles to Robbinsville, NC, with motels, supermarkets, fast food.

Waypoint: AT15196

mile 152.36 / Power line

Waypoint: SweetwaterGap

mile 153.11 / Gap

Waypoint: BrownForkGapShTr

mile 154.38 / Shelter Junction

E 0.1 miles to Brown Fork Gap Shelter, camping & water.

Waypoint: BrownForkGap

mile 154.52 / Trail Junction

E 100 yds to a piped spring.

Waypoint: HogbackGap

mile 156.53 / Gap

Waypoint: CodyGap

mile 157.35 / Campsite

West 0.1 miles to spring.

Waypoint: AT15891

mile 159.32 / Water


Waypoint: YellowCrGap

mile 159.72 / Parking

N.C. 1242, Yellow Creek Mtn Road.

Waypoint: CableGapShelter

mile 160.54 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, tenting, spring.

Waypoint: BlackGumGap

mile 161.91 / Gap

Waypoint: WalkerGap

mile 163.30 / Trail Junction

West 2.5 miles on the Yellow Creek Trail to Fontana Village.

Waypoint: AT16527

mile 163.54 / Water

Waypoint: AT~LewellynCove

mile 163.61 / Water

Waypoint: AT16636

mile 164.66 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: ATBMT6

mile 165.77 / Road

Dirt road, southern junction of the AT with the BMT near Fontana Dam.

Waypoint: NC28

mile 165.92 / Road

N.C. 28. East 6 miles to The Hike Inn, <http://www.thehikeinn.com/>, (828) 479-3677 . W 2 miles on Hwy 28/Fontana Road to Pitstop convenience store, adequate resupply, atm. Fontana Lodge (800) 849-2258, <http://www.fontanavillage.com/the-lodge/>.

Waypoint: FontanaRdBath

mile 165.94 / Restroom

Toilets, running water, soda machine.

Waypoint: FontanaHiltonTr

mile 167.35 / Shelter Junction

E 0.2 miles to Fontana Hilton shelter, running water bathroom.

Waypoint: FontanaDamW

mile 168.36 / Scenic Area

Fontana Dam, west end. Get a permit from the park website, <https://smokiespermits.nps.gov/permitappatth.cfm>, read the rules, and use the bear cables. Dogs are not permitted in the park. Standing Bear Farm will board them, also <http://lovingcarekennels.net> and <http://ripplingwaterkennel.com>.

Waypoint: AT16738

mile 168.45 / Scenic Area

Picnic area on Fontana Lake, tables, grills, trash receptacles.

Waypoint: LakeviewDr

mile 169.04 / Trail Junction

Appalachian Trail reenters the forest after the road walk over Fontana Dam. Parking area. Benton MacKaye Trail N (BMN) leads 95 miles through GSMNP, parallel and east of the Appalachian Trail. BMN rejoins the AT on Cammerer Ridge.

Waypoint: ShuckstackTr

mile 172.38 / Trail Junction

East 0.1 miles to Shuckstack summit firetower.

Waypoint: SassafrasGapSmokies

mile 172.73 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Lost Cove Trail & Twentymile Trail.

Waypoint: BirchSpringGap

mile 173.65 / Trail Junction

West 0.1 miles to a campsite.

Waypoint: ATGregoryBaldTr

mile 175.79 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Gregory Bald Trail.

Waypoint: DoeKnob

mile 175.87 / Summit

Waypoint: MudGap

mile 176.28 / Gap

Waypoint: EkaneetleeGap

mile 177.24 / Gap

West 200 feet to a spring.

Waypoint: MolliesRidgeShelter

mile 178.90 / Shelter

Sleeps 12, no privy, cables. Water source is a spring.

Waypoint: DevilsTaterPatch

mile 179.19 / Summit

Waypoint: LittleAbramsGap

mile 180.63 / Gap

Waypoint: BigAbramsGap

mile 181.00 / Gap

Waypoint: RussellField

mile 182.09 / Shelter

Sleeps 14, cables, no privy. Water source is the source of Russell Field Branch, down the Russel Field Trail.

Waypoint: McCampbellGap

mile 182.39 / Gap

Waypoint: ATEagleCrTr

mile 184.90 / Trail Junction

Eagle Creek Trail junction with the AT. East 0.2 miles to Spence Field Shelter, 0.3 miles to a spring.

Waypoint: ATBoteMtnTr

mile 184.96 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Bote Mountain Trail. West 0.1 miles to piped spring.