Waypoint: HawkMtnCamp

mile 7.39 / Campsite

Space for 30 tents, water source is a stream past the last site. Bear boxes, privy. E to Hawk Mtn.

Waypoint: LanceCreek

mile 24.91 / Campsite

4 tent platforms, bear cables.

Waypoint: SlaughterCreekCamp

mile 29.37 / Campsite

Official campsite with space for 10 tents. Water source is Slaughter Creek a quarter mile south on the AT.

Waypoint: BullGap1

mile 33.84 / Campsite

W 0.2 miles to water.

Waypoint: AT3599

mile 35.55 / Campsite

Waypoint: BaggsCreekGap

mile 37.02 / Campsite

Exposed, space for a few tents. W 0.1 miles to a spring.

Waypoint: PoplarStampGap

mile 45.77 / Campsite

Camping. E 0.1 miles to a water source.

Waypoint: CheeseFactory

mile 58.07 / Campsite

Water source is a spring 0.1 miles east.

Waypoint: TrayMtnCamp

mile 59.74 / Campsite

Small campsite.

Waypoint: AddisGap

mile 65.55 / Campsite

E 0.4 miles to USFS 26 and S Fork Moccasin Creek.

Waypoint: LocustCoveGap

mile 148.88 / Campsite

W 100 yds to a spring.

Waypoint: CodyGap

mile 157.35 / Campsite

West 0.1 miles to spring.

Waypoint: KaleGap

mile 262.77 / Campsite

Waypoint: CatpenGap

mile 263.48 / Campsite

Waypoint: RiceGap

mile 315.35 / Campsite

Cross an ATV trail.

Waypoint: AT32456C

mile 326.69 / Campsite

Large campsite. W 0.1 miles to a piped spring.

Waypoint: WhistlingGap

mile 329.87 / Campsite

Campsite. West 0.1 miles to a small stream.

Waypoint: AT36243C

mile 364.64 / Campsite

Campsite. W 100 yards to a piped spring.

Waypoint: GreasyCrGap

mile 367.46 / Campsite

East 0.6 miles to Greasy Creek Friendly, <http://www.greasycreekfriendly.com/>, (828) 688-9948. Bunkhouse, camping, private rooms available. Frozen pizza and limited resupply. Accepts mail drops. Internet. Open since 2002. West 0.2 miles to a piped spring.

Waypoint: AshGap

mile 375.61 / Campsite

E to water.

Waypoint: DollFlats

mile 390.42 / Campsite

Waypoint: ApplehouseSite

mile 392.86 / Campsite

Site of former Applehouse Shelter, small stream.

Waypoint: AT40915C

mile 412.41 / Campsite

Waypoint: BlackmanSpringSpur

mile 436.74 / Campsite

Campsite. E to Blackman Spring.

Waypoint: Scales

mile 500.88 / Campsite

Campsite, small spring, privy.

Waypoint: DavisPathCamp

mile 541.54 / Campsite

Site of old Davis Path Shelter, now a campsite with a picnic table and privy.

Waypoint: PigFarm

mile 706.42 / Campsite

East 0.1 miles to a spring.

Waypoint: MarbleSpringSpur

mile 770.69 / Campsite

W 200' to Marble Spring. Campsite.

Waypoint: HogCampSpringSpur

mile 805.95 / Campsite

Camping in open meadow. E 0.3 miles to Hog Camp Spring.

Waypoint: AT82464

mile 830.52 / Campsite

Small campsite.

Waypoint: AT82855

mile 834.45 / Campsite

Waypoint: AT82876

mile 834.67 / Campsite

Waypoint: DahlgrenCamp

mile 1032.26 / Campsite

Waypoint: PogoCamp

mile 1041.41 / Campsite

Campsites, fires allowed, privy.

Waypoint: AT107702

mile 1067.25 / Campsite

Flat campsite.

Waypoint: AT113511

mile 1142.12 / Campsite

Campsite with picnic table and a few tent spots. Water source is a stream.

Waypoint: ATHorseshoe

mile 1159.55 / Campsite

Horseshoe Trail joins the AT, camping.

Waypoint: AT116122

mile 1168.29 / Campsite

Large campsite along Rausch Creek.

Waypoint: BlackSwataraCamp

mile 1196.12 / Campsite

E 0.2 miles to Black Swatara Creek.

Waypoint: HemlockSprings

mile 1395.51 / Campsite

Campsite and spring.

Waypoint: TenmileRiver

mile 1447.18 / Campsite

South side of bridge over Tenmile River, campsite, privy nearby.

Waypoint: LaurelRidgeCamp

mile 1497.65 / Campsite

W a short distance to Laurel Ridge Campsite, an offical campsite with room for several tents. Bear boxes, privy.

Waypoint: ShakerCampsite

mile 1527.89 / Campsite

Wooden tent platforms, privy, bear box.

Waypoint: CaughnawagaCamp

mile 1612.32 / Campsite

Water source is a brook nearby.

Waypoint: GriffithLakeCamp

mile 1647.39 / Campsite

Privy, tent platforms. Fee charged in summer.

Waypoint: BaldMtnBrookCamp

mile 2030.62 / Campsite

Bald Mountain Brook Campsite.

Waypoint: SidneyTappanCamp

mile 2089.78 / Campsite

Water source is a spring.

Waypoint: Antlers

mile 2114.51 / Campsite

Antlers Campsite on Lower Jo-Mary Lake. Water source is the lake. Privy west of the Trail.

Waypoint: NahmakantaStreamCamp

mile 2122.05 / Campsite

Campsite, privy.