Waypoint: SamsGapTH

mile 318.89 / Trailhead

Sams Gap, AT nobo trailhead.

Waypoint: ShookBrRdS

mile 424.10 / Trailhead

AT S trailhead at Shook Branch Rd.

Waypoint: ATDamascusS

mile 464.70 / Trailhead

S trailhead for the AT out of Damascus VA, Water Street and Mock Ave.

Waypoint: ATVAC

mile 465.01 / Trailhead

Waypoint: IronMtnDamascus

mile 465.57 / Trailhead

Junction of the north section of the Iron Mountain Trail with the AT in Damascus.

Waypoint: OrchardHillRd

mile 465.74 / Trailhead

Second junction of the AT with the VCT, Orchard Road.

Waypoint: AT-VAC-III

mile 466.15 / Trailhead

Junction of the AT with the Virginia Creeper Trail, AT nobo trailhead out of Damascus off US 58.

Waypoint: SaundersN

mile 474.44 / Trailhead

West 0.1 to Saunders Shelter.

Waypoint: AT-VAC-IV

mile 478.39 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT-VAC-V

mile 479.09 / Trailhead

East junction of the AT with the Virginia Creeper Trail

Waypoint: MtRogersSpur

mile 492.77 / Trailhead

W 0.5 miles to the summit of Mt. Rogers.

Waypoint: IronMtnAT

mile 507.71 / Trailhead

Iron Mountain Trail crosses the AT.

Waypoint: HurricaneSpur

mile 508.69 / Trailhead

W to Hurricane Mountain Shelter, E to water.

Waypoint: TrimpiShelterTr

mile 517.73 / Trailhead

East 0.1 miles to Trimpi Shelter.

Waypoint: US11

mile 538.67 / Trailhead

AT sobo trailhead off US 11. W 100 yards to the Relax Inn, 7253 Lee Highway, Rural Retreat, VA 24368, (276) 783-5811 affordable rooms, accepts mail drops.

Waypoint: WindsorRd

mile 539.04 / Trailhead

AT nobo trailhead out of Atkins at Windsor Road.

Waypoint: PearisburgN

mile 629.77 / Trailhead

AT enters the woods north of Pearisburg.

Waypoint: AT~OverallRun

mile 944.70 / Trailhead

Overall Run/Tuscarora Trail.

Waypoint: ATHogback

mile 945.39 / Trailhead

Waypoint: WeavertonParking

mile 1018.50 / Trailhead

Waypoint: BearSpringCabinTrail

mile 1028.07 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT~WhiteRocksTr

mile 1028.65 / Trailhead

Waypoint: ATLambsKnoll

mile 1028.84 / Trailhead

Waypoint: US40ParkingSpur

mile 1037.41 / Trailhead

Waypoint: BlackRockSpur

mile 1040.74 / Trailhead

Waypoint: WolfsvilleParkingJct

mile 1046.06 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT105571

mile 1046.15 / Trailhead

E 50 yards to a small pool of water.

Waypoint: CowallCampingSpur

mile 1046.21 / Trailhead

W to camping.

Waypoint: EnsignCowallSpurS

mile 1046.26 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT106884

mile 1059.15 / Trailhead

Waypoint: DeerLickSheltersTr

mile 1060.40 / Trailhead

East 100 feet to Deer Lick Shelters, with room for 4 at each.

Waypoint: AT107225

mile 1062.52 / Trailhead

Red trail.

Waypoint: AT~Antietam

mile 1062.66 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT~Antietam~N

mile 1062.70 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT~Hermitage

mile 1063.71 / Trailhead

Hermitage Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: AT~Tumbling

mile 1063.74 / Trailhead

Waypoint: ATChimneyRocks

mile 1064.97 / Trailhead

E to Chimney Rocks.

Waypoint: AT~RaccoonRunTr

mile 1068.43 / Trailhead

Waypoint: RockyMtnSheltersTr

mile 1070.27 / Trailhead

E 0.2 miles to Rocky Mountain Shelters, 0.5 miles to spring.

Waypoint: AT~Trolley

mile 1073.21 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT~Ramble~S

mile 1073.24 / Trailhead

Waypoint: CaledoniaSP

mile 1073.67 / Trailhead

E 100' to a public bathroom.

Waypoint: AT~Chambers

mile 1073.85 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT~3Valleys

mile 1074.29 / Trailhead

Waypoint: ATGreenwood

mile 1075.05 / Trailhead

AT joins the Greenwood Road.

Waypoint: ATHossackRun

mile 1076.35 / Trailhead

Hossack Run junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATRockyKnobTr

mile 1081.61 / Trailhead

Rocky Knob Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: SunsetRocksTrS

mile 1088.86 / Trailhead

S jct of Sunset Rocks Trail with AT.

Waypoint: SunsetRocksTrN

mile 1091.03 / Trailhead

N jct of Sunset Rocks Trail with AT.

Waypoint: ATPoleSteepleTr

mile 1095.08 / Trailhead

Waypoint: TaggRunSpur

mile 1099.84 / Trailhead

E 0.2 miles to James Fry Shelter, or camp here near Tagg Run.

Waypoint: AlecKennedyShelterTr

mile 1108.16 / Trailhead

E0.2 miles to Alec Kennedy Shelter, 0.3 miles to a stream.

Waypoint: AT-WhiteRocksTr

mile 1109.06 / Trailhead

White Rocks Trail goes east from here. Space for a few tents.

Waypoint: AT112035

mile 1110.21 / Trailhead

Waypoint: BSCampSpur

mile 1111.67 / Trailhead

E 0.2 miles to Backpacker Campsite in Boiling Springs.

Waypoint: ATDarlington

mile 1126.23 / Trailhead

Darlington Trail/Tuscarora Trail joins the AT. Just north of here the AT crosses Blue Mountain, a 150 mile long ridge whose summit, Clarks Knob, is 40 miles southwest of here.

Waypoint: DarlingtonShelterTr

mile 1126.35 / Trailhead

East 0.1 miles to Darlington Shelter.

Waypoint: CoveMtnShelterTr

mile 1133.66 / Trailhead

East 0.2 miles to Cove Mountain Shelter.

Waypoint: CumberlandMarketSt

mile 1137.38 / Trailhead

E 150' to The Doyle.

Waypoint: SusquehannaTrS

mile 1140.00 / Trailhead

S jct of AT with Susquehanna Trail.

Waypoint: SusquehannaTrN

mile 1142.01 / Trailhead

N jct of the AT with Susquehanna Trail.

Waypoint: ClarksFerryShelterTr

mile 1142.29 / Trailhead

Tentsites. E 100 yds to Clarks Ferry Shelter, 0.1 miles to a piped spring.

Waypoint: PetersMtnAltS

mile 1146.25 / Trailhead

Waypoint: PetersMtnAltN

mile 1146.69 / Trailhead

Waypoint: TableRockSpur

mile 1148.35 / Trailhead

E 100' to Table Rock.

Waypoint: PetersMtnSpur

mile 1149.30 / Trailhead

W 200' to Peters Mountain Shelter, 0.2 miles to a spring (300' descent).

Waypoint: ATVictoriaTrN

mile 1150.24 / Trailhead

Waypoint: ATWhitetailConnector

mile 1150.33 / Trailhead

AT joins the Whitetail Connector.

Waypoint: ATWhitetrailTr

mile 1150.87 / Trailhead

Waypoint: ATShikellimyTr

mile 1153.47 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT114889TR

mile 1155.94 / Trailhead

East 100 yards to a piped spring. Tenting en route to spring.

Waypoint: ATWaterTankTr

mile 1156.31 / Trailhead

Water Tank Trail joins AT.

Waypoint: ATHenryKnauberTr

mile 1156.68 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT-YellowSpringsTr

mile 1162.80 / Trailhead

Yellow Springs Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: ATColdSpringTr

mile 1165.26 / Trailhead

AT joins Cold Spring Trail. E to junction with Stony Creek Rail Trail.

Waypoint: RauschGapShelterTr

mile 1167.59 / Trailhead

East 0.3 miles to Rausch Gap Shelter.

Waypoint: AT-SCRT-1

mile 1168.00 / Trailhead

AT nobo joins Stony Creek Rail Trail.

Waypoint: AT-SCRT-2

mile 1168.15 / Trailhead

AT nobo departs Stony Creek Rail Trail.

Waypoint: AT116315

mile 1170.35 / Trailhead

Waypoint: PortClintonS

mile 1209.47 / Trailhead

AT sobo trailhead out of Port Clinton; south side of railroad tracks.

Waypoint: NY17A

mile 1362.42 / Trailhead

E 2 miles to the town of Greenwood Lake, NY with restaurants, lodging and short term resupply.

Waypoint: BearMtnTr

mile 1392.49 / Trailhead

Bottom of Bear Mountain stairs. E 0.1 miles to Bear Mtn Inn, historic lodging, restaurant.

Waypoint: US9

mile 1399.03 / Trailhead

US 9, north AT trailhead. Nearby Appalachian Market sells hot food, pizza, convenience store, atm.

Waypoint: LongTrail

mile 1585.13 / Trailhead

Massachusetts/Vermont line, southern terminus of the Long Trail. The AT and LT are contiguous for 105 miles until Maine Gap, where the AT turns west and the LT continues north 160 miles to Vermont's northern extremity.

Waypoint: VelvetRocksLoopS

mile 1735.37 / Trailhead

W 0.2 miles to Velvet Rocks Shelter.

Waypoint: VelvetRocksLoopN

mile 1735.84 / Trailhead

W 0.2 miles to Velvet Rocks Shelter.

Waypoint: MooseMtnLoopS

mile 1744.40 / Trailhead

E 100 yards to Moose Mtn Shelter.

Waypoint: MooseMtnLoopN

mile 1744.58 / Trailhead

E 0.1 miles to Moose Mtn Shelter. Just north of here the AT passes the spring source for the shelter, which may go dry.

Waypoint: TrapperJohnSpur

mile 1750.50 / Trailhead

W 0.2 miles to Trapper John Shelter.

Waypoint: ATSmartsFirewardensN

mile 1756.35 / Trailhead

Smarts Mtn Firewarden's Trail north junction with AT.

Waypoint: SmartsCampSpur

mile 1756.76 / Trailhead

E 100' to a small campsite with a view off Smarts Mtn.

Waypoint: SmartsCabinSpur

mile 1756.86 / Trailhead

E 120' to Smarts Mtn Cabin.

Waypoint: HexacubaSpur

mile 1761.92 / Trailhead

Small stream. E 0.2 miles to Hexacuba Shelter.

Waypoint: MtCubeNSpur

mile 1763.49 / Trailhead

W 0.3 miles to Mt Cube N.

Waypoint: NH25

mile 1776.60 / Trailhead

E 0.3 miles to Hikers Welcome Hostel.

Waypoint: JeffersBkSpur

mile 1777.61 / Trailhead

W 100' to Jeffers Brook Shelter.

Waypoint: AT2886126

mile 1778.22 / Trailhead

Waypoint: HurricaneTr

mile 1778.45 / Trailhead

Waypoint: ATMoosilaukeCarriageRd

mile 1781.04 / Trailhead

Junction of the AT, Moosilauke Carriage Road & South Peak Trail on the Moosilauke summit ridge.

Waypoint: Beaver~Asquam

mile 1783.73 / Trailhead