Waypoint: PigeonRiver

mile 241.16 / Bridge

Pigeon River bridge, Tobes Creek Road.

Waypoint: Interstate40

mile 241.39 / Road

I-40 underpass, north side.

Waypoint: GreenCornerStairs

mile 241.45 / Road

Green Corner Road, stairs.

Waypoint: GreenCornerRdN

mile 242.20 / Shelter Junction

W 0.2 miles to Standing Bear Farm, a hostel.

Waypoint: AT24085

mile 242.41 / Power line

Waypoint: PainterBranchS

mile 244.36 / Water

Painter Branch, small tentsite.

Waypoint: PainterBranchN

mile 245.01 / Water

Northmost crossing of Painter Branch.

Waypoint: SnowbirdMtn

mile 246.72 / Summit

Snowbird Mountain. E 150' to FAA buildling.

Waypoint: WildcatSpring

mile 247.51 / Water

Spring, headwaters of Holly Bottom Branch.

Waypoint: ATGroundhogCrTr

mile 249.26 / Shelter Junction

East 0.2 miles to Groundhog Creek Shelter, spring.

Waypoint: ATRubeRockTr

mile 251.43 / Trail Junction

Rube Rock Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: HawksRockSpur

mile 251.53 / Trail Junction

West to Hawks Rock.

Waypoint: BrownGap

mile 252.01 / Parking

USFS 148A, parking, campsite. W 0.2 miles to an unreliable stream.

Waypoint: ATCherryCrTr

mile 254.53 / Trail Junction

Cherry Creek Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATMaxPatchRd

mile 254.77 / Parking

N.C. 1182, Max Patch Road.

Waypoint: WForkLittleCreek

mile 254.82 / Water

Waypoint: AT25348

mile 255.10 / Road

Dirt road.

Waypoint: MaxPatch

mile 255.55 / Summit

Waypoint: ATBuckeyeRidgeTr

mile 256.56 / Trail Junction

Buckeye Ridge Trail junction with the AT in an open meadow.

Waypoint: AT25516

mile 256.79 / Road

Old logging road.

Waypoint: AT25529

mile 256.92 / Water

Cross a tributary of Roaring Fork.

Waypoint: RoaringForkShTr

mile 257.27 / Shelter Junction

East 50 yards to Roaring Fork Shelter. Water sources are streams crossed 0.2 miles north and south of the shelter.

Waypoint: ATRoaring

mile 257.45 / Water

Waypoint: AT25673

mile 258.36 / Water

Cross a tributary of Roaring Fork.

Waypoint: AT25785

mile 259.45 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: AT25893

mile 260.58 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: LemonGap

mile 260.77 / Parking

N.C. 1182 and Tenn. 107.

Waypoint: LemonProngS

mile 261.39 / Water

Campsite near Lemon Prong.

Waypoint: LemonProng

mile 261.46 / Water

Campsite near where the trail crosses Lemon Prong.

Waypoint: WalnutMtnShelter

mile 262.02 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, bear cables, tenting. Water source is a spring located 0.1 miles down trail to the left of shelter.

Waypoint: KaleGap

mile 262.77 / Campsite

Waypoint: CatpenGap

mile 263.48 / Campsite

Waypoint: AT26198

mile 263.65 / Water

Cross a small stream.

Waypoint: BluffMtn

mile 264.47 / Summit

Waypoint: BigRockSpring

mile 266.03 / Water

Big Rock Spring, headwaters of Jones Branch Shut-in Creek.

Waypoint: JonesBranch

mile 266.44 / Water

Jones Branch of Shut-in Creek.

Waypoint: AT26541

mile 267.09 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: AT26553

mile 267.21 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: GarenfloGap

mile 268.48 / Parking

Garenflo Gap Road.

Waypoint: AT26683

mile 268.53 / Power line

Waypoint: GraggGap

mile 271.87 / Gap

East 0.1 miles to Deer Park Mountain Shelter. West 0.1 miles to Blood River, a reliable water source.

Waypoint: SurpentineAve

mile 274.81 / Road

W 0.1 miles to The Hostel at Laughing Heart Lodge, <http://www.laughingheartlodge.com/index.php/accommodations/hostel/>, (828) 206-8487.

Waypoint: SmokeyMtnDiner

mile 275.08 / Restaurant

Open 7 days, B/L/D.

Waypoint: SunnybankInn

mile 275.10 / Lodging

Elmer Hall's Sunnybank Inn, <http://www.sunnybankretreatassociation.org/accommodations.html>, (828) 622-7206, shared room lodging in a restored house near the center of Hot Springs. Private rooms also available. Vegetarian breakfasts and dinners daily. Across street from Dollar General.

Waypoint: GentryHardware

mile 275.26 / Hardware store

Hardware store.

Waypoint: BluffMtnOutfitters

mile 275.29 / Outfitter

152 Bridge Street (PO Box 114) (828) 622-7162, accepts mail drops.

Waypoint: FrenchBroad

mile 275.51 / Bridge

AT crosses the French Broad River.

Waypoint: LoversLeap

mile 276.49 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: ATLoversLeapTr

mile 276.50 / Trail Junction

Lovers Leap Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: PumpGap

mile 278.42 / Trail Junction

Pump Gap Loop Trail, south junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATPumpGapLoopE

mile 279.32 / Trail Junction

East side of the Pump Gap Loop, north junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATPumpGapLoopW

mile 279.35 / Trail Junction

West side of the Pump Gap Loop, north junction with AT.

Waypoint: MillRidgeRoad

mile 279.97 / Parking

AT nobo joins Mill Ridge Road.

Waypoint: MillRidgeRoadN

mile 280.23 / Road

AT northbound leaves Mill Ridge Road.

Waypoint: AT27891

mile 280.62 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: TanyardGapOverpass

mile 280.91 / Bridge

Bridge over U.S. 25 and 70.

Waypoint: AT28062

mile 282.35 / Water

Waypoint: ATRoundtopRidgeTr

mile 282.86 / Trail Junction

Roundtop Ridge Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: RichMtnSpur

mile 283.36 / Trail Junction

W 0.2 miles to Rich Mtn.

Waypoint: RichMtnCamp

mile 283.44 / Water

Campsite and piped spring.

Waypoint: AT28213

mile 283.88 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: RichMtnRoad

mile 284.14 / Road

AT crosses Rich Mountain Road.

Waypoint: HurricaneGap

mile 284.33 / Road

USFS 467.

Waypoint: SpringMtnShelter

mile 286.03 / Shelter

Sleeps 5, privy, cables. Water source down a blue blaze to the east.

Waypoint: DeepGapCamp

mile 287.78 / Gap


Waypoint: AllenGap

mile 289.80 / Parking

N.C. 208 and Tenn. 70.

Waypoint: ATLogCabinRoad

mile 291.34 / Road

West 0.7 miles to Hemlock Hollow Farm Shop and Cafe (423) 787-1736 <http://www.hemlockhollowinn.com>. Heated bunkhouse hostel and private rooms available. Camp store.

Waypoint: LittleLaurelSpur

mile 294.58 / Shelter Junction

E 50' to Little Laurel Shelter.

Waypoint: WhiterockCliff

mile 298.01 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: BlackstackCliffsSpur

mile 298.16 / Trail Junction

W to Blackstack Cliffs.

Waypoint: ATJerryMillerTr

mile 298.34 / Trail Junction

Jerry Miller Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATDavisSpringSpur

mile 300.19 / Trail Junction

West 0.2 miles to a spring.

Waypoint: AT29838

mile 300.57 / Road

Cross a dirt road.

Waypoint: ATForkRidgeTr

mile 301.31 / Trail Junction

Fork Ridge Trail junction with AT.

Waypoint: JerryCabinShelter

mile 301.51 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy, cables. Water source is on a blue blaze across the AT from the shelter.

Waypoint: ATSarvisCoveTr

mile 302.70 / Trail Junction

Sarvis Cove Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: BigButtB

mile 303.34 / Summit

Waypoint: SheltonGraves

mile 304.90 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: FlintMtnShelter

mile 307.19 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy. Water source is north on the AT.

Waypoint: FlintMtnWater

mile 307.26 / Water


Waypoint: DevilForkGap

mile 309.94 / Road

N.C. 212.

Waypoint: RectorLaurelRoad

mile 310.43 / Road

Waypoint: AT30844

mile 310.68 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: SugarloafBranch1

mile 310.91 / Water

First northbound crossing.

Waypoint: SugarloafBranch2

mile 311.20 / Water

Second northbound crossing.

Waypoint: SugarloafBranch3

mile 311.37 / Water

Third northbound crossing.

Waypoint: SugarloafGap

mile 311.99 / Gap

Waypoint: LickRock

mile 313.54 / Summit

Aka Frozen Knob.

Waypoint: RiceGap

mile 315.35 / Campsite

Cross an ATV trail.

Waypoint: HogbackShelterSpur

mile 316.58 / Shelter Junction

East 0.1 miles to Hogback Ridge Shelter, 0.3 miles to a brook.

Waypoint: HighRockSpur

mile 317.15 / Trail Junction

West 0.1 miles to High Rock with views.

Waypoint: SamsGapTH

mile 318.89 / Trailhead

Sams Gap, AT nobo trailhead.

Waypoint: StreetGap

mile 321.16 / Parking

Waypoint: BigBaldBypass

mile 324.58 / Trail Junction

Bypass leads east around Big Bald's open summit, mostly following a road through a housing development.

Waypoint: BigBald

mile 325.17 / Summit

Waypoint: BigBaldRoad1

mile 325.29 / Road

West 0.2 miles to a spring and campsite.

Waypoint: BigStamp

mile 325.52 / Road

Second crossing of Big Bald Road. West 0.2 miles to campsite and spring. East along the road is the Big Bald Bypass.

Waypoint: BaldMtnShelterTr

mile 326.41 / Shelter Junction

West 100 yards to Bald Mountain Shelter, spring en route to shelter.

Waypoint: AT32456C

mile 326.69 / Campsite

Large campsite. W 0.1 miles to a piped spring.

Waypoint: LittleBald

mile 327.68 / Summit