Waypoint: AT12287

mile 121.58 / Water


Waypoint: ATBartram

mile 121.66 / Trail Junction

Bartram Trail leaves that AT.

Waypoint: WayahShelterTr

mile 122.02 / Shelter Junction

East 100 yds to Wayah Shelter with water, camping. West 200 yds to spring.

Waypoint: LicklogGap

mile 123.47 / Gap

West 0.5 miles to Little Laurel Creek.

Waypoint: AT12518

mile 125.41 / Water


Waypoint: BurningtownGap

mile 125.73 / Parking

N.C. 1397. Aquone Hostel at Nantahala Mountain Lodge offers pickups from Wayah, Burningtown and Tellico Gap, (828) 321-2340, http://www.aquonelogcabinrentals.com/at.html.

Waypoint: ColdSpringShelter

mile 126.92 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, bear cables, spring. Tentsites north on the AT.

Waypoint: CopperRidgeLookout

mile 127.65 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: RockyBaldLookoutTr

mile 128.81 / Trail Junction

E to summit of Rocky Bald.

Waypoint: AT13052

mile 129.15 / Trail Junction

Blue blaze to water.

Waypoint: TellicoGap

mile 130.57 / Parking

N.C. 1365. Aquone Hostel at Nantahala Mountain Lodge offers pickups from Wayah, Burningtown and Tellico Gap. (828) 321-2340 http://www.aquonelogcabinrentals.com/at.html.

Waypoint: WesserBald

mile 131.95 / Summit

Waypoint: WesserSummitJct

mile 131.96 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: AT13232

mile 132.58 / Water

Spring 100' east of the switchback.

Waypoint: WesserBaldShelterTr

mile 132.71 / Shelter Junction

W to Wesser Bald Shelter.

Waypoint: AT13373

mile 134.00 / Scenic Area

View at a minor summit.

Waypoint: JumpUpLookout

mile 134.32 / Scenic Area

View of the Jump-up across the Nantahala River.

Waypoint: RufusMorganShelterTr

mile 137.60 / Shelter Junction

Stream here. E 200' to A. Rufus Morgan Shelter.

Waypoint: NOCOutfitters

mile 138.45 / Outfitter

Open 10-5 in season, sells backpacking gear and food, fuel, ATM, GSMNP permits, coin laundry, showers. Accepts packages. (828) 488-7230, <https://noc.com/retail-locations/outfitters-store>. Ask about loding options, which include hotel rooms and hiker style hostel or cabin accommodations. East 13 miles on U.S. 19 to Bryson City, NC with many services including a supermarket, pharmacy, coin laundry, hospital, hotels.

Waypoint: RiversEnd

mile 138.45 / Restaurant

River's End Restaurant open 11-6 Nov-Feb and 8-7 rest of the year.

Waypoint: NantahalaRiver

mile 138.48 / Bridge

Nantahala River pedestrian bridge, north end. E 100' to Big Wesser BBQ and Brew restaurant, open in season 10a-11p.

Waypoint: AT13961

mile 139.94 / Power line

Waypoint: WrightGap

mile 140.06 / Gap

Dirt road.

Waypoint: AT14074

mile 141.08 / Trail Junction

Side trail 100 yards west to a spring and campsites.

Waypoint: WadeSuttonMemorial

mile 141.30 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: AT14295

mile 141.45 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: GrassyGap

mile 141.52 / Gap

Waypoint: AT14410

mile 142.60 / Water

Dripping rocks.

Waypoint: TheJumpUp

mile 143.20 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: SwimBald

mile 144.39 / Summit


Waypoint: SassafrasGapShTr

mile 145.25 / Shelter Junction

W to Sassafras Gap Shelter, camping and water.

Waypoint: CheoahBald

mile 146.37 / Summit

5062', campsite.

Waypoint: CheoahBartram

mile 146.60 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT and Bartram Trail near Cheoah Bald.

Waypoint: LocustCoveGap

mile 148.88 / Campsite

W 100 yds to a spring.

Waypoint: SimpGap

mile 150.00 / Gap

Waypoint: StecoahGap

mile 152.06 / Parking

N.C. 143, Sweetwater Road, picnic tables. Parking lot. Spring located 300 feet west on road, then down logging road on the left. West 9 miles to Robbinsville, NC, with motels, supermarkets, fast food.

Waypoint: AT15196

mile 152.36 / Power line

Waypoint: SweetwaterGap

mile 153.11 / Gap

Waypoint: BrownForkGapShTr

mile 154.38 / Shelter Junction

E 0.1 miles to Brown Fork Gap Shelter, camping & water.

Waypoint: BrownForkGap

mile 154.52 / Trail Junction

E 100 yds to a piped spring.

Waypoint: HogbackGap

mile 156.53 / Gap

Waypoint: CodyGap

mile 157.35 / Campsite

West 0.1 miles to spring.

Waypoint: AT15891

mile 159.32 / Water


Waypoint: YellowCrGap

mile 159.72 / Parking

N.C. 1242, Yellow Creek Mtn Road.

Waypoint: CableGapShelter

mile 160.54 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, tenting, spring.

Waypoint: BlackGumGap

mile 161.91 / Gap

Waypoint: WalkerGap

mile 163.30 / Trail Junction

West 2.5 miles on the Yellow Creek Trail to Fontana Village.

Waypoint: AT16527

mile 163.54 / Water

Waypoint: AT~LewellynCove

mile 163.61 / Water

Waypoint: AT16636

mile 164.66 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: ATBMT6

mile 165.77 / Road

Dirt road, southern junction of the AT with the BMT near Fontana Dam.

Waypoint: NC28

mile 165.92 / Road

N.C. 28. East 6 miles to The Hike Inn, <http://www.thehikeinn.com/>, (828) 479-3677 . W 2 miles on Hwy 28/Fontana Road to Pitstop convenience store, adequate resupply, atm. Fontana Lodge (800) 849-2258, <http://www.fontanavillage.com/the-lodge/>.

Waypoint: FontanaRdBath

mile 165.94 / Restroom

Toilets, running water, soda machine.

Waypoint: FontanaHiltonTr

mile 167.35 / Shelter Junction

E 0.2 miles to Fontana Hilton shelter, running water bathroom.

Waypoint: FontanaDamW

mile 168.36 / Scenic Area

Fontana Dam, west end. Get a permit from the park website, <https://smokiespermits.nps.gov/permitappatth.cfm>, read the rules, and use the bear cables. Dogs are not permitted in the park. Standing Bear Farm will board them, also <http://lovingcarekennels.net> and <http://ripplingwaterkennel.com>.

Waypoint: AT16738

mile 168.45 / Scenic Area

Picnic area on Fontana Lake, tables, grills, trash receptacles.

Waypoint: LakeviewDr

mile 169.04 / Trail Junction

Appalachian Trail reenters the forest after the road walk over Fontana Dam. Parking area. Benton MacKaye Trail N (BMN) leads 95 miles through GSMNP, parallel and east of the Appalachian Trail. BMN rejoins the AT on Cammerer Ridge.

Waypoint: ShuckstackTr

mile 172.38 / Trail Junction

East 0.1 miles to Shuckstack summit firetower.

Waypoint: SassafrasGapSmokies

mile 172.73 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Lost Cove Trail & Twentymile Trail.

Waypoint: BirchSpringGap

mile 173.65 / Trail Junction

West 0.1 miles to a campsite.

Waypoint: ATGregoryBaldTr

mile 175.79 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Gregory Bald Trail.

Waypoint: DoeKnob

mile 175.87 / Summit

Waypoint: MudGap

mile 176.28 / Gap

Waypoint: EkaneetleeGap

mile 177.24 / Gap

West 200 feet to a spring.

Waypoint: MolliesRidgeShelter

mile 178.90 / Shelter

Sleeps 12, no privy, cables. Water source is a spring.

Waypoint: DevilsTaterPatch

mile 179.19 / Summit

Waypoint: LittleAbramsGap

mile 180.63 / Gap

Waypoint: BigAbramsGap

mile 181.00 / Gap

Waypoint: RussellField

mile 182.09 / Shelter

Sleeps 14, cables, no privy. Water source is the source of Russell Field Branch, down the Russel Field Trail.

Waypoint: McCampbellGap

mile 182.39 / Gap

Waypoint: ATEagleCrTr

mile 184.90 / Trail Junction

Eagle Creek Trail junction with the AT. East 0.2 miles to Spence Field Shelter, 0.3 miles to a spring.

Waypoint: ATBoteMtnTr

mile 184.96 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Bote Mountain Trail. West 0.1 miles to piped spring.

Waypoint: ATJenkinsRidgeTr

mile 185.28 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Jenkins Ridge Trail.

Waypoint: RockyTop

mile 186.04 / Summit

Waypoint: Thunderhead

mile 186.65 / Summit

Waypoint: BeechnutGap

mile 187.69 / Gap

West 200' to a spring.

Waypoint: MineralGap

mile 188.45 / Gap

Waypoint: StarkeyGap

mile 189.20 / Gap

Waypoint: SugartreeGap

mile 189.99 / Gap

Waypoint: DerrickKnobShelter

mile 190.99 / Shelter

Sleeps 12, no privy, cables. Water source is a spring.

Waypoint: ATGreenbrierRidge

mile 191.32 / Trail Junction

Junction of the Greenbrier Ridge Trail with the AT, Sams Gap.

Waypoint: HemlockKnob

mile 192.33 / Summit

Waypoint: ATMireyRidge

mile 193.68 / Trail Junction

Junction of the Miry Ridge Trail with the AT.

Waypoint: BuckeyeGapGSM

mile 193.84 / Gap

E 600' to a spring.

Waypoint: SilersBaldShelter

mile 196.47 / Shelter

Sleeps 12, no privy, cables. Water source is a small spring next to the shelter.

Waypoint: SilersBald

mile 196.70 / Summit

Views of Clingmans Dome.

Waypoint: ATWelchRidge

mile 196.87 / Trail Junction

Junction of the Welch Ridge Trail with the AT.

Waypoint: DoubleSpringGap

mile 198.15 / Shelter

Sleeps 12, privy, cables. Water source is 15 yards west of the shelter. Secondary source 35 yards east.

Waypoint: ATGoshenProngTr

mile 198.71 / Trail Junction

Junction of the Goshen Prong Trail with the AT.

Waypoint: MtBuckley

mile 200.49 / Summit

Waypoint: ATForney

mile 200.59 / Trail Junction

Junction of the Forney Ridge Trail with the Appalachian Trail.

Waypoint: ATClingmans

mile 200.84 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: ATClingmansN

mile 200.96 / Trail Junction

E a short distance to Clingmans Dome.

Waypoint: MtLove

mile 201.46 / Summit

Waypoint: CollinsGap

mile 202.73 / Gap

Waypoint: MtCollins

mile 203.80 / Summit

Waypoint: ATSugarlandMtn

mile 204.20 / Shelter Junction

W 0.4 miles to Mount Collins Shelter.

Waypoint: ATForkRidgeTrail

mile 204.47 / Trail Junction

Junction of the Fork Ridge Trail with the AT.

Waypoint: IndianGraveGapGSMNP

mile 206.88 / Parking

Waypoint: AT20589

mile 207.25 / Gate

Wire fence.