Waypoint: SaundersS

mile 474.00 / Shelter Junction

West 0.3 miles to Saunders Shelter.

Waypoint: SaundersN

mile 474.44 / Trailhead

West 0.1 to Saunders Shelter.

Waypoint: AT47434

mile 477.89 / Water


Waypoint: AT-VAC-IV

mile 478.39 / Trailhead

Waypoint: AT-VAC-V

mile 479.09 / Trailhead

East junction of the AT with the Virginia Creeper Trail

Waypoint: AT47605

mile 479.62 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: AT47635

mile 479.86 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: LostMtnShelter

mile 480.90 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, tenting, privy. Water source is a spring.

Waypoint: US58

mile 481.86 / Road

Waypoint: VA601

mile 483.08 / Parking

Beech Mtn Road.

Waypoint: BuzzardRock

mile 485.56 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: WhitetopSpring

mile 486.37 / Water

Piped spring.

Waypoint: WhitetopRd

mile 486.50 / Road

Road leads to the summit of Whitetop Mtn.

Waypoint: VA600S

mile 488.82 / Parking

South AT trailhead off VA 600. Pit toilet and trash nearby.

Waypoint: LewisForkWildS

mile 489.25 / Sign

AT nobo enters Lewis Fork Wilderness.

Waypoint: MtRogersSpur

mile 492.77 / Trailhead

W 0.5 miles to the summit of Mt. Rogers.

Waypoint: ThomasKnobShelter

mile 492.97 / Shelter

Sleeps 16. Privy. Water source is a spring in gated area behind shelter. Campsites 0.1 miles north on the AT.

Waypoint: ATPineMtnTrS

mile 493.94 / Trail Junction

Pine Mountain Trail south junction with the AT.

Waypoint: GraysonSouth

mile 495.36 / Gate

AT nobo enters Grayson Highlands State Park.

Waypoint: AT49278

mile 495.93 / Trail Junction

E 0.6 miles to trailhead at Grayson Highland Lane.

Waypoint: QuebecBranch

mile 497.11 / Water


Waypoint: WiseShelter

mile 497.94 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy. Water source is an unreliable spring a hundred yards in front of shelter.

Waypoint: BigWilsonCreek

mile 498.06 / Water


Waypoint: WilsonCreek

mile 498.27 / Water


Waypoint: LilWilsonWildS

mile 498.41 / Sign

AT nobo enters Little Wilson Creek Wilderness.

Waypoint: ATBearpen

mile 499.67 / Trail Junction

AT crosses the Bearpen Trail.

Waypoint: LilWilsonWildN

mile 499.71 / Sign

AT nobo leaves Little Wilson Wilderness.

Waypoint: Scales

mile 500.88 / Campsite

Campsite, small spring, privy.

Waypoint: ATPineMtnTrN

mile 502.19 / Trail Junction

N junction of Pine Mountain Trail with the AT.

Waypoint: OldOrchardShelter

mile 503.82 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting, privy. Water source is a piped spring 100 yards to the right of the shelter.

Waypoint: ATOldOrchardTr1

mile 503.91 / Trail Junction

AT crosses Old Orchard Trail.

Waypoint: ATOldOrchardTr2

mile 504.62 / Trail Junction

AT crosses Old Orchard Trail.

Waypoint: LewisForkWildN

mile 504.88 / Sign

AT nobo leaves Lewis Fork Wilderness behind.

Waypoint: VA603

mile 505.47 / Road

Waypoint: FoxCreek

mile 505.54 / Water

Large footbridge.

Waypoint: IronMtnAT

mile 507.71 / Trailhead

Iron Mountain Trail crosses the AT.

Waypoint: HurricaneSpur

mile 508.69 / Trailhead

W to Hurricane Mountain Shelter, E to water.

Waypoint: ATHurricaneCrTr

mile 509.29 / Trail Junction

Hurricane Creek Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: AT50707

mile 510.02 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: AT50734

mile 510.36 / Power line

Waypoint: AT50845

mile 511.40 / Water

Cross a small stream.

Waypoint: CornersCrFalls

mile 512.46 / Water

Large waterfall.

Waypoint: VA650

mile 513.70 / Road

E 3 miles on VA 16 to Troutdale, VA. Sufi Lodge <https://www.sufilodge.org/> offers rooms at reasonable rates, breakfast, shuttles, (276) 677-0195, mail drops.

Waypoint: ATRaccoonBrCamp

mile 515.19 / Trail Junction

E 0.2 miles to site of former Raccoon Branch Shelter, now a campsite.

Waypoint: TrimpiShelterTr

mile 517.73 / Trailhead

East 0.1 miles to Trimpi Shelter.

Waypoint: SlabTownRd

mile 518.91 / Road

Slab Town Road, VA 672.

Waypoint: SForkHolsonRiver

mile 519.78 / Bridge

Waypoint: VA670

mile 519.81 / Parking

Waypoint: PughMtnRd

mile 523.60 / Road

Waypoint: AT52248

mile 525.14 / Power line

Waypoint: AT52387

mile 526.52 / Water

Cross a small stream.

Waypoint: PartnershipShelter

mile 527.44 / Shelter

Sleeps 16, privy, no tenting. Sink and shower. Close to Va. 16, pizza delivery available.

Waypoint: VA16

mile 527.62 / Road

Waypoint: NicksCreekRd

mile 528.35 / Road

Waypoint: GladeMtnRd

mile 531.57 / Road

Waypoint: VaughtBr

mile 533.86 / Water

Headwaters of Vaught Branch.

Waypoint: VaughtBrII

mile 534.20 / Water

Cross Vaught Branch.

Waypoint: ChatfieldShelter

mile 534.32 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting. Water source is Vaught Branch.

Waypoint: VaughtBrIII

mile 534.55 / Water

Cross Vaught Branch.

Waypoint: FS86

mile 534.64 / Road

Waypoint: VaughtBrIV

mile 534.73 / Water

Cross Vaught Branch.

Waypoint: VaughtBrV

mile 534.91 / Water

Cross Vaught Branch.

Waypoint: VaughtBrVI

mile 535.20 / Water

Cross Vaught Branch.

Waypoint: AT53346

mile 535.86 / Power line

Waypoint: RockyHollowRd

mile 536.12 / Road

Waypoint: PhillippiBranch

mile 536.20 / Water

Cross Phillippi Branch on a footbridge.

Waypoint: KegleyLn

mile 536.55 / Road

Waypoint: AT53558

mile 537.99 / Railroad

Waypoint: US11

mile 538.67 / Trailhead

AT sobo trailhead off US 11. W 100 yards to the Relax Inn, 7253 Lee Highway, Rural Retreat, VA 24368, (276) 783-5811 affordable rooms, accepts mail drops.

Waypoint: VillageTruckStop

mile 538.69 / Convenience store

24 hour, convenience store and restaurant.

Waypoint: AtkinsExxon

mile 538.78 / Convenience store

Open daily 6a-11p. Public transportation stop.

Waypoint: TheBarn

mile 538.81 / Restaurant

Restaurant, open daily 7a-8p, (276) 686-6222.

Waypoint: I-81

mile 538.98 / Road

Waypoint: WindsorRd

mile 539.04 / Trailhead

AT nobo trailhead out of Atkins at Windsor Road.

Waypoint: AT53551

mile 539.28 / Road

Two track.

Waypoint: DryRun

mile 539.44 / Water

Stream in a pasture.

Waypoint: DavisValleyRd

mile 539.80 / Road

Waypoint: DavisPathCamp

mile 541.54 / Campsite

Site of old Davis Path Shelter, now a campsite with a picnic table and privy.

Waypoint: ATCrawfish

mile 545.50 / Water

Crawfish Trail joins the AT at a campsite. Just west of the AT is Reed Creek.

Waypoint: VA610

mile 548.71 / Road

Waypoint: VA742

mile 550.14 / Road

N Fork Holston River flows under VA 742.

Waypoint: VA42

mile 551.18 / Road

Waypoint: PossumJawCreek

mile 551.28 / Water

Footbridge over small Possum Jaw Creek.

Waypoint: KnotMaul

mile 553.18 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, tenting, privy. Water source is a spring west of the shelter on a side trail.

Waypoint: KnotMaulBranch

mile 553.73 / Water

Footbridge over Knot Maul Branch.

Waypoint: LynnCampCreek

mile 554.28 / Water

Cross Lynn Camp Creek on a footbridge. Camping nearby.

Waypoint: ATLickCr

mile 556.59 / Water

Cross large Lick Creek on a bridge. Camping nearby.

Waypoint: AT55348

mile 557.71 / Water

Cross a small stream.

Waypoint: VA625

mile 557.91 / Road

Waypoint: ATChestnutKnobS

mile 560.30 / Road

AT joins road along the ridge of Chestnut Knob.

Waypoint: ChestnutKnobPond

mile 560.66 / Water

W a short distance to a small pond and spring.

Waypoint: ChestnutSpringSpur

mile 562.37 / Trail Junction

East 100 yards to a small piped spring.

Waypoint: ChestnutKnob

mile 562.51 / Shelter

Summit of Chestnut Knob. Fully enclosed shelter sleeps 8, tenting, privy. Water source is an unreliable piped spring south on the AT. For the next six and a half miles north, the AT follows the rim of Garden Mountain around the bowl-like valley of Burkes Garden.

Waypoint: GardenWalkerGap

mile 563.83 / Road

E to a piped spring.

Waypoint: VA623

mile 568.55 / Road

Cross Va 623 on the ridge of Garden Mountain.

Waypoint: DavisFarmCampSpur

mile 569.54 / Trail Junction

W 0.5 miles to Davis Farm Campsite and a small stream.

Waypoint: JenkinsSpur

mile 572.98 / Shelter Junction

West 100 yards to Jenkins Shelter.

Waypoint: HuntingCampCr

mile 573.08 / Water

Bridge over Hunting Camp Creek.

Waypoint: LaurelCreekJNF

mile 577.25 / Water

Large creek, footbridge.

Waypoint: SuiterRoad

mile 577.29 / Road

AT crosses Suiter Road just outside the western border of the Hunting Camp Creek Wilderness.