Waypoint: MtnCrossings

mile 32.08 / 🛏

Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi, http://www.mountaincrossings.com/, outfitter and hostel.

Waypoint: UncleJohnnys

mile 343.34 / 🛏

Uncle Johnny's Nolichucky Hostel and Outfitters, (423) 735-0548. Hostel, private cabins for multiple people, camping. Wifi, http://outfitter.West 0.5 miles on River Road, then right on Temple Hill Road and 0.8 miles further to Mountain Inn and Suites, (423) 743-4100. Internet, coin laundry, hot tub and swimming pool, mail drops. West 3.8 miles to Erwin, TN with more motels, restaurants, resupply, library, dentist, movie theater, vet.

Waypoint: CrazyLarrys

mile 467.59 / 🛏

Bunks for up to 9, hot shower, tenting, shuttles<https://www.facebook.com/CrazyLarrysHostel/>.

Waypoint: IronmastersMansion

mile 1094.96 / 🛏

<http://ironmastersmansion.com/>, bunks, breakfast, pizza, Wifi, laundry. Closes during the day.W 200' to Pine Grove Store.

Waypoint: RattleRiverLodge

mile 1876.70 / 🛏

Rattle River Lodge and Hostel, (603) 466-5049,<http://rattleriverhostel.com>, http://info@rattleriverhostel.com.