9/2/2018, 11:16:18 PM (UTC)

ART mile 8.49 / ButterGapShelter

Bear cables and water source from pipe. Lots of tent sites

6/24/2018, 9:55:29 PM (UTC)

AT mile 1809.97 / MtLafayette

What a completely useless fact. Thats like saying Springer Mtn is the tallest peak in the south if it weren’t for other mountains.

6/16/2018, 3:24:53 PM (UTC)

LT-WRS mile 0.17 / WhiteRocksE

Not worth it. View has a lot of trees in the way

6/15/2018, 3:33:37 PM (UTC)

BCS mile 0.04 / BromleyCabin

No power but there’s a garbage can

6/7/2018, 2:14:16 AM (UTC)


Bear box. Got in at 9pm and was the only person here!

6/6/2018, 1:28:05 AM (UTC)

MA-WXN mile 0.24 / WilcoxN

The awol guide didnt mention it but there are campsites & a bear box. I can hear mice running around & there is a bird nesting on a rafter

5/9/2018, 9:19:36 PM (UTC)

AT mile 1087.71 / AT107859

Halfway point for 2017