mile 277.60 / 🛏

Elmer Hall's Sunnybank Inn, <>, (828) 622-7206, shared room lodging in a restored house near the center of Hot Springs. Private rooms also available. Vegetarian breakfasts and dinners daily. Across street from Dollar General.


mile 1297.41 / 🛏

At the corner of Mountain and Main Street, upscale restaurant and hotel. W 100 yards to the Church of the Mountain's hostel and the Post Office. W 0.5 miles, across the creek and right on Broad Street, is a pizzeria, diner, bakery, outfitter, and a couple of mini marts.


mile 1816.39 / 🛏

Full service season June 2 to October 15. Water, snacks for sale, work for stay possible for AT thru hikers.


mile 1838.54 / 🛏

Snacks and baked goods, water, composting toilets, work for stay may be available to thru hikers.


mile 1852.69 / 🛏

Water, composting toilets, snacks baked goods for sale. Work for stay may be available for thru hikers.


mile 1857.68 / 🛏

Snacks and baked goods for sale, free leftovers, toilets, water. Work for stay may be available for thru hikers. The Dungeon is a basement shelter available to thru hikers, sleeps 6, $10 fee.