Waypoint: MtnCrossings

mile 32.74 / Hostel

Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi, http://www.mountaincrossings.com/, outfitter and hostel.

Waypoint: UncleJohnnys

mile 343.36 / Hostel

Uncle Johnny's Nolichucky Hostel and Outfitters, (423) 735-0548. Hostel, private cabins for multiple people, camping. Wifi, outfitter. West 0.5 miles on River Road, then right on Temple Hill Road and 0.8 miles further to Mountain Inn and Suites, (423) 743-4100. Internet, coin laundry, hot tub and swimming pool, mail drops. West 3.8 miles to Erwin, TN with more motels, restaurants, resupply, library, dentist, movie theater, vet.

Waypoint: CrazyLarrys

mile 465.60 / Hostel

Bunks for up to 9, hot shower, tenting, shuttles <https://www.facebook.com/CrazyLarrysHostel/>.

Waypoint: IronmastersMansion

mile 1092.52 / Hostel

<http://ironmastersmansion.com/>, bunks, breakfast, pizza, Wifi, laundry. Closes during the day. W 200' to Pine Grove Store.

Waypoint: WhiteMtnLodge

mile 1873.86 / Hostel

White Mountains Hostel, (603) 466-5049 or (612) 749-0485, <https://www.whitemountainslodgeandhostel.com/>.