Waypoint: DoeRiver

mile 371.71 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: HughesGap

mile 372.76 / Road

Waypoint: BeartownMtn

mile 375.27 / Summit

Waypoint: AshGap

mile 375.61 / Campsite

E to water.

Waypoint: RoanHighBluffSpur

mile 376.84 / Trail Junction

East 0.1 miles to a seasonal running water bathroom, 1.3 miles to Roan High Bluff.

Waypoint: RoanShelterSpur

mile 377.41 / Shelter Junction

East 100 yards to Roan High Knob Shelter, 200 yards to Roan High Knob.

Waypoint: CarversGapWa

mile 378.85 / Water

Piped spring.

Waypoint: CarversGap

mile 378.95 / Parking

N.C. 261 and Tenn. 143. Picnic area and restrooms.

Waypoint: RoundBald

mile 379.58 / Summit

Waypoint: EngineGap

mile 380.01 / Gap

Waypoint: JaneBald

mile 380.29 / Summit

Waypoint: GrassyRidgeSpur

mile 380.76 / Trail Junction

East to Grassy Ridge, the only 360 degree view from an undeveloped 6000' peak near the AT.

Waypoint: StanMurrayShelter

mile 382.52 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, no privy, picnic table, tenting. Water source is a spring across the AT from the shelter.

Waypoint: YellowMtnGap

mile 384.46 / Shelter Junction

Campsite. Overmountain Victory Trail crosses the AT. E 0.3 miles to Overmountain Shelter.

Waypoint: Overmtn4

mile 385.40 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: BigYellowMtnSpur

mile 385.65 / Trail Junction

E 1.1 miles to Big Yellow Mountain, grass fields.

Waypoint: LittleHump

mile 385.98 / Summit


Waypoint: BradleyGap

mile 387.19 / Gap

Waypoint: AT38623

mile 387.80 / Gate

Waypoint: HumpMtn

mile 388.09 / Summit

Waypoint: AT38709

mile 388.53 / Gate

Waypoint: AT38734

mile 388.88 / Gate

Waypoint: DollFlats

mile 390.42 / Campsite

Waypoint: MorganBranch

mile 390.97 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: AT39095

mile 392.30 / Power line

Waypoint: ApplehouseSite

mile 392.86 / Campsite

Site of former Applehouse Shelter, small stream.

Waypoint: BuckCreek

mile 393.29 / Water

Buck Creek footbridge.

Waypoint: US19E

mile 393.40 / Road

W 0.3 miles to Mountain Harbour B&B, <http://www.mountainharbour.net/>, (423) 772-9494, bunks include linens. Full resupply. Private rooms available, breakfast, laundry. East 2.5 miles to Elk Park, NC, restaurant and a convenience store.

Waypoint: BearBranchRd

mile 393.62 / Road

Waypoint: BearBranch

mile 393.68 / Bridge

Waypoint: AT39187

mile 395.01 / Gate

Waypoint: AT39231

mile 395.46 / Water

Small stream. Just north is an open meadow.

Waypoint: BuckMtnRd

mile 396.61 / Road

Waypoint: CampbellHollowRd

mile 396.91 / Road

Waypoint: JonesFallsSpur

mile 398.72 / Trail Junction

E 0.1 miles to Jones Falls.

Waypoint: AT39593

mile 399.10 / Gate

Waypoint: SugarHollow

mile 399.47 / Water


Waypoint: AT39709

mile 400.28 / Water


Waypoint: MountaineerFalls

mile 401.69 / Water

Waypoint: MountaineerShelter

mile 401.85 / Shelter

Sleeps 14, privy. Water source is a spring 200 feet past the shelter. Camping available south of the shelter.

Waypoint: SlideHollow

mile 403.07 / Water

Small footbridge.

Waypoint: WalnutMtnRd

mile 403.57 / Road

Dirt road.

Waypoint: AT40121

mile 404.43 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: LaurelFork1

mile 405.43 / Water

Cross large Laurel Fork on a bridge.

Waypoint: AT40381

mile 406.33 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: FS293

mile 406.38 / Road

Dirt road.

Waypoint: AT40311

mile 407.05 / Water


Waypoint: AT40446

mile 407.70 / Water

Cross a tributary of Laurel Fork.

Waypoint: MorelandGapShelter

mile 410.50 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting, no privy, spring.

Waypoint: AT40915C

mile 412.41 / Campsite

Waypoint: ATCoonDenFallsTr

mile 414.35 / Trail Junction

Coon Den Falls Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: DennisCoveRd

mile 415.96 / Road

West to Bob Peoples' Kincora.

Waypoint: PondMtnWildS

mile 416.20 / Sign

AT nobo enters Pond Mtn Wilderness.

Waypoint: LaurelFork2

mile 416.62 / Water

Cross Laurel Fork on a bridge.

Waypoint: LaurelForkHighWaS

mile 416.94 / Trail Junction

High water bypass.

Waypoint: LaurelFalls

mile 417.10 / Scenic Area

A large waterfall.

Waypoint: LaurelForkShelterTr

mile 417.65 / Shelter Junction

East 100 yards to Laurel Fork Shelter.

Waypoint: LaurelFork3

mile 418.06 / Water

AT crosses Laurel Fork on a bridge.

Waypoint: ATLaurelFallsTr

mile 418.54 / Trail Junction

Laurel Falls Trail junction with the AT. W 1.3 miles via Laurel Falls Trail, US 321 to Browns Grocery, closed sundays, long term resupply, (423) 725-2411. Braemar Castle Hostel offers lodging in an historic building nearby.

Waypoint: AT41772

mile 421.03 / Water

Waypoint: PondMtnWildN

mile 423.82 / Sign

Sign for Pond Flats Wilderness.

Waypoint: AT42072

mile 424.05 / Power line

Waypoint: ShookBrRdS

mile 424.10 / Trailhead

AT S trailhead at Shook Branch Rd.

Waypoint: ShookBr314

mile 424.23 / Road

Shook Branch Road and US 321. Across the street is the Shook Branch Recreation Area on Watauga Lake, which may have bathrooms and running water in season.

Waypoint: WataugaShelterSpur

mile 425.86 / Shelter Junction

W 100' to Watauga Lake Shelter. Water source is a stream south of the shelter.

Waypoint: WataugaDam

mile 426.95 / Scenic Area

Middle of the dam.

Waypoint: AT42401

mile 427.36 / Road

AT north trailhead on Lookout Road.

Waypoint: AT42521

mile 428.25 / Road

AT crosses Lookout Road.

Waypoint: VandeventerWaTr

mile 432.85 / Trail Junction

West 0.3 miles to a spring.

Waypoint: VandeventerShelter

mile 432.90 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting, no privy. Water source is a spring down side trail south of the shelter.

Waypoint: BlackmanSpringSpur

mile 436.74 / Campsite

Campsite. E to Blackman Spring.

Waypoint: TurkeypenGap

mile 438.04 / Gap

Waypoint: AT43601

mile 438.97 / Power line

Waypoint: IronMtnSpringTr

mile 439.50 / Trail Junction

East 100' to Iron Mtn Spring.

Waypoint: IronMtnShelter

mile 439.70 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting. Water source is a spring south on the AT.

Waypoint: GrindstaffMonument

mile 440.96 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: HickoryFlatBrSpur

mile 441.07 / Trail Junction

W 200' to a small spring.

Waypoint: CrossMtnRd

mile 444.17 / Parking

AT S trailhead on Cross Mtn Road. Junction of AT with southern section of the Iron Mtn Trail.

Waypoint: TN91

mile 444.19 / Road

Waypoint: AT44211

mile 445.00 / Gate

Waypoint: StonyCreek

mile 446.23 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: DoubleSpringShelter

mile 447.15 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting. Water source is a piped spring behind shelter.

Waypoint: LowGapTN

mile 450.65 / Parking

AT crosses Low Gap at US 421.

Waypoint: QueensKnobShelter

mile 453.95 / Scenic Area

No longer a maintained AT shelter -- ruined, dilapidated & tumbledown.

Waypoint: McQueenGapRd

mile 454.28 / Road

Waypoint: AbingdonGapShelter

mile 455.33 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting. Water source is a spring east of the shelter on a spur.

Waypoint: ATBackboneRockTr

mile 460.27 / Trail Junction

Backbone Rock Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: VA-TN

mile 461.58 / Scenic Area

AT crosses the TN-VA line.

Waypoint: AT46051

mile 463.14 / Trail Junction

E 0.2 miles to a piped spring.

Waypoint: ATDamascusS

mile 464.70 / Trailhead

S trailhead for the AT out of Damascus VA, Water Street and Mock Ave.

Waypoint: ATVAC

mile 465.01 / Trailhead

Waypoint: BoboMcFarlands

mile 465.15 / Restaurant

Pizza, beer, sandwiches, traditional American food.

Waypoint: MtRogersOutfitters

mile 465.19 / Outfitter

Full service outfitter, (276) 475-5416.

Waypoint: ATLegionSt

mile 465.30 / Road

East 100 yards to the Place, a hostel.

Waypoint: IronMtnDamascus

mile 465.57 / Trailhead

Junction of the north section of the Iron Mountain Trail with the AT in Damascus.

Waypoint: CrazyLarrys

mile 465.60 / Hostel

Bunks for up to 9, hot shower, tenting, shuttles <https://www.facebook.com/CrazyLarrysHostel/>.

Waypoint: OrchardHillRd

mile 465.74 / Trailhead

Second junction of the AT with the VCT, Orchard Road.

Waypoint: AT-VAC-III

mile 466.15 / Trailhead

Junction of the AT with the Virginia Creeper Trail, AT nobo trailhead out of Damascus off US 58.

Waypoint: AT-BGC

mile 470.02 / Trail Junction

Beech Grove Connector crosses the AT.