Waypoint: AT25673

mile 258.36 / Water

Cross a tributary of Roaring Fork.

Waypoint: AT25785

mile 259.45 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: AT25893

mile 260.58 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: LemonGap

mile 260.77 / Parking

N.C. 1182 and Tenn. 107.

Waypoint: LemonProngS

mile 261.39 / Water

Campsite near Lemon Prong.

Waypoint: LemonProng

mile 261.46 / Water

Campsite near where the trail crosses Lemon Prong.

Waypoint: WalnutMtnShelter

mile 262.02 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, bear cables, tenting. Water source is a spring located 0.1 miles down trail to the left of shelter.

Waypoint: KaleGap

mile 262.77 / Campsite

Waypoint: CatpenGap

mile 263.48 / Campsite

Waypoint: AT26198

mile 263.65 / Water

Cross a small stream.

Waypoint: BluffMtn

mile 264.47 / Summit

Waypoint: BigRockSpring

mile 266.03 / Water

Big Rock Spring, headwaters of Jones Branch Shut-in Creek.

Waypoint: JonesBranch

mile 266.44 / Water

Jones Branch of Shut-in Creek.

Waypoint: AT26541

mile 267.09 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: AT26553

mile 267.21 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: GarenfloGap

mile 268.48 / Parking

Garenflo Gap Road.

Waypoint: AT26683

mile 268.53 / Power line

Waypoint: GraggGap

mile 271.87 / Gap

East 0.1 miles to Deer Park Mountain Shelter. West 0.1 miles to Blood River, a reliable water source.

Waypoint: SurpentineAve

mile 274.81 / Road

W 0.1 miles to The Hostel at Laughing Heart Lodge, <http://www.laughingheartlodge.com/index.php/accommodations/hostel/>, (828) 206-8487.

Waypoint: SmokeyMtnDiner

mile 275.08 / Restaurant

Open 7 days, B/L/D.

Waypoint: SunnybankInn

mile 275.10 / Lodging

Elmer Hall's Sunnybank Inn, <http://www.sunnybankretreatassociation.org/accommodations.html>, (828) 622-7206, shared room lodging in a restored house near the center of Hot Springs. Private rooms also available. Vegetarian breakfasts and dinners daily. Across street from Dollar General.

Waypoint: GentryHardware

mile 275.26 / Hardware store

Hardware store.

Waypoint: BluffMtnOutfitters

mile 275.29 / Outfitter

152 Bridge Street (PO Box 114) (828) 622-7162, accepts mail drops.

Waypoint: FrenchBroad

mile 275.51 / Bridge

AT crosses the French Broad River.

Waypoint: LoversLeap

mile 276.49 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: ATLoversLeapTr

mile 276.50 / Trail Junction

Lovers Leap Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: PumpGap

mile 278.42 / Trail Junction

Pump Gap Loop Trail, south junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATPumpGapLoopE

mile 279.32 / Trail Junction

East side of the Pump Gap Loop, north junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATPumpGapLoopW

mile 279.35 / Trail Junction

West side of the Pump Gap Loop, north junction with AT.

Waypoint: MillRidgeRoad

mile 279.97 / Parking

AT nobo joins Mill Ridge Road.

Waypoint: MillRidgeRoadN

mile 280.23 / Road

AT northbound leaves Mill Ridge Road.

Waypoint: AT27891

mile 280.62 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: TanyardGapOverpass

mile 280.91 / Bridge

Bridge over U.S. 25 and 70.

Waypoint: AT28062

mile 282.35 / Water

Waypoint: ATRoundtopRidgeTr

mile 282.86 / Trail Junction

Roundtop Ridge Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: RichMtnSpur

mile 283.36 / Trail Junction

W 0.2 miles to Rich Mtn.

Waypoint: RichMtnCamp

mile 283.44 / Water

Campsite and piped spring.

Waypoint: AT28213

mile 283.88 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: RichMtnRoad

mile 284.14 / Road

AT crosses Rich Mountain Road.

Waypoint: HurricaneGap

mile 284.33 / Road

USFS 467.

Waypoint: SpringMtnShelter

mile 286.03 / Shelter

Sleeps 5, privy, cables. Water source down a blue blaze to the east.

Waypoint: DeepGapCamp

mile 287.78 / Gap


Waypoint: AllenGap

mile 289.80 / Parking

N.C. 208 and Tenn. 70.

Waypoint: ATLogCabinRoad

mile 291.34 / Road

West 0.7 miles to Hemlock Hollow Farm Shop and Cafe (423) 787-1736 <http://www.hemlockhollowinn.com>. Heated bunkhouse hostel and private rooms available. Camp store.

Waypoint: LittleLaurelSpur

mile 294.58 / Shelter Junction

E 50' to Little Laurel Shelter.

Waypoint: WhiterockCliff

mile 298.01 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: BlackstackCliffsSpur

mile 298.16 / Trail Junction

W to Blackstack Cliffs.

Waypoint: ATJerryMillerTr

mile 298.34 / Trail Junction

Jerry Miller Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: ATDavisSpringSpur

mile 300.19 / Trail Junction

West 0.2 miles to a spring.

Waypoint: AT29838

mile 300.57 / Road

Cross a dirt road.

Waypoint: ATForkRidgeTr

mile 301.31 / Trail Junction

Fork Ridge Trail junction with AT.

Waypoint: JerryCabinShelter

mile 301.51 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy, cables. Water source is on a blue blaze across the AT from the shelter.

Waypoint: ATSarvisCoveTr

mile 302.70 / Trail Junction

Sarvis Cove Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: BigButtB

mile 303.34 / Summit

Waypoint: SheltonGraves

mile 304.90 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: FlintMtnShelter

mile 307.19 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy. Water source is north on the AT.

Waypoint: FlintMtnWater

mile 307.26 / Water


Waypoint: DevilForkGap

mile 309.94 / Road

N.C. 212.

Waypoint: RectorLaurelRoad

mile 310.43 / Road

Waypoint: AT30844

mile 310.68 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: SugarloafBranch1

mile 310.91 / Water

First northbound crossing.

Waypoint: SugarloafBranch2

mile 311.20 / Water

Second northbound crossing.

Waypoint: SugarloafBranch3

mile 311.37 / Water

Third northbound crossing.

Waypoint: SugarloafGap

mile 311.99 / Gap

Waypoint: LickRock

mile 313.54 / Summit

Aka Frozen Knob.

Waypoint: RiceGap

mile 315.35 / Campsite

Cross an ATV trail.

Waypoint: HogbackShelterSpur

mile 316.58 / Shelter Junction

East 0.1 miles to Hogback Ridge Shelter, 0.3 miles to a brook.

Waypoint: HighRockSpur

mile 317.15 / Trail Junction

West 0.1 miles to High Rock with views.

Waypoint: SamsGapTH

mile 318.89 / Trailhead

Sams Gap, AT nobo trailhead.

Waypoint: StreetGap

mile 321.16 / Parking

Waypoint: BigBaldBypass

mile 324.58 / Trail Junction

Bypass leads east around Big Bald's open summit, mostly following a road through a housing development.

Waypoint: BigBald

mile 325.17 / Summit

Waypoint: BigBaldRoad1

mile 325.29 / Road

West 0.2 miles to a spring and campsite.

Waypoint: BigStamp

mile 325.52 / Road

Second crossing of Big Bald Road. West 0.2 miles to campsite and spring. East along the road is the Big Bald Bypass.

Waypoint: BaldMtnShelterTr

mile 326.41 / Shelter Junction

West 100 yards to Bald Mountain Shelter, spring en route to shelter.

Waypoint: AT32456C

mile 326.69 / Campsite

Large campsite. W 0.1 miles to a piped spring.

Waypoint: LittleBald

mile 327.68 / Summit

Waypoint: WhistlingGap

mile 329.87 / Campsite

Campsite. West 0.1 miles to a small stream.

Waypoint: AT32914

mile 331.45 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: BigCreek

mile 332.24 / Water

Cross Big Creek near Spivey Gap.

Waypoint: SpiveyGap

mile 332.27 / Parking

U.S. 19W

Waypoint: OglesbyBranchS

mile 332.64 / Water

Waypoint: OglesbyBranchN

mile 332.79 / Water

Waypoint: FlattopMtnBr

mile 333.55 / Water

AT crosses Flattop Mountain Branch.

Waypoint: AT33148

mile 333.77 / Road

Dirt road.

Waypoint: BarnettBrook

mile 334.29 / Water

Cross a small stream.

Waypoint: AT33321

mile 335.47 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: AT33378

mile 335.96 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: AT33389

mile 336.30 / Water


Waypoint: NoBusinessSpring

mile 336.88 / Water

Spring source for No Business Knob Shelter, 0.2 miles north.

Waypoint: NoBusinessKnobShelt

mile 337.08 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, tenting, no privy. Water source is south on the AT.

Waypoint: TempleHillGap

mile 339.38 / Trail Junction

Temple Hill Gap Trail junction with the AT.

Waypoint: UncleJohnnys

mile 343.36 / Hostel

Uncle Johnny's Nolichucky Hostel and Outfitters, (423) 735-0548. Hostel, private cabins for multiple people, camping. Wifi, outfitter. West 0.5 miles on River Road, then right on Temple Hill Road and 0.8 miles further to Mountain Inn and Suites, (423) 743-4100. Internet, coin laundry, hot tub and swimming pool, mail drops. West 3.8 miles to Erwin, TN with more motels, restaurants, resupply, library, dentist, movie theater, vet.

Waypoint: JonesBranchRoad

mile 343.46 / Road

Jones Branch Road, north side, near junction with Chestoa Pike. West about a mile to Cantarroso Farm and Apiary, <http://www.cantarrosofarm.com/>, (423) 833-7514. Tenting, rooms, laundry. Town shuttles, fuel, work for stay.

Waypoint: AT34134

mile 343.59 / Railroad

Waypoint: AT34261

mile 344.96 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: AT34294

mile 345.30 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: AT34332

mile 345.68 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: JonesBranch1

mile 345.91 / Water

Waypoint: JonesBranch2

mile 346.14 / Water

Jones Branch.