Waypoint: MtWilliams

mile 1577.24 / Summit


Waypoint: NotchRd

mile 1578.00 / Road

Waypoint: MoneyBkFallsTr

mile 1578.26 / Shelter Junction

E 0.3 miles to Wilbur Clearing Shelter.

Waypoint: AT157308

mile 1579.91 / Water

Footbridge over a stream.

Waypoint: PaullBk

mile 1580.04 / Water

Footbridge over a brook.

Waypoint: PattisonRd

mile 1580.11 / Parking

Pattison Road, North Adams, Mass.

Waypoint: CatherineStreet

mile 1580.70 / Road

Catherine Street intersects Phelps Avenue in North Adams, Mass. W 100 yards to 138 Catherine Street, home of Joshua Moran who offers bikes for hikers to use.

Waypoint: Mass2

mile 1581.14 / Road

Many services, restaurants and motels accessible by this main thoroughfare of North Adams, Mass. E 0.6 to Oriental Chinese AYCE Buffet, Renee's Diner, coin laundry. W 0.5 miles to Super Shop & Stop, Papa Johns, ATM, pharmacy, Western Union, bank. Redwood Motel, (413) 664-4351.

Waypoint: HoosicRiver

mile 1581.18 / Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge over the Hoosic River in North Adams, Mass.

Waypoint: MassAve

mile 1581.38 / Road

Waypoint: AT157337

mile 1581.68 / Power line

Waypoint: PetesSpring

mile 1582.65 / Water

W 0.1 miles to Sherman Brook Campsite.

Waypoint: ATPineCobbleSpur

mile 1583.74 / Trail Junction

Pine Cobble Spur jct wth AT. W 2.2 miles, down 1600 feet to Williamstown, Mass.

Waypoint: LongTrail

mile 1585.13 / Trailhead

Massachusetts/Vermont line, southern terminus of the Long Trail. The AT and LT are contiguous for 105 miles until Maine Gap, where the AT turns west and the LT continues north 160 miles to Vermont's northern extremity.

Waypoint: LT38

mile 1585.52 / Water

Tributary of Broad Brook.

Waypoint: RiskyRanchRd

mile 1587.60 / Road

Dirt road.

Waypoint: SethWarnerSpur

mile 1587.79 / Shelter Junction

W 0.2 miles to Seth Warner Shelter.

Waypoint: LT287

mile 1588.06 / Power line

Waypoint: LT294

mile 1588.12 / Parking

Dirt road.

Waypoint: LT459

mile 1589.81 / Power line

Waypoint: LT536

mile 1590.61 / Water

Beaver pond outlet.

Waypoint: LT741

mile 1592.71 / Road

Dirt road. W 0.2 miles to Sucker Pond.

Waypoint: SuckerPondOutlet

mile 1593.16 / Water

Waypoint: CongdonShelter

mile 1594.67 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy, tentsites behind shelter. Water source is a brook near the shelter.

Waypoint: HarmonHill

mile 1597.03 / Summit


Waypoint: LT1287

mile 1598.19 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: VT9

mile 1598.79 / Road

Parking lot just W (compass north) of the AT. E 2.5 miles to Camelot Country Deli (802) 445-3053; Greenwood Lodge and Campsites, (802) 442-2547, http://www.campvermont.com/greenwood, open mid-May to late Oct. W 5.1 miles to Bennington, Vt. Post office 05201 open M-F 8a-5p, Sa 9a-2p, (802) 442-2421. Lots of lodging choices, restaurants, smaller markets. Free public wifi. Library, Family Dollar, coin laundry, banks, Express Care, (802) 447-0477, open 8a-6p, near hospital; dentist; pharmacy; vet; hardware store; free showers available at Town Recreation Center on Gage Street; Bennington Taxi, (802) 442-9052. W 7 miles to North Bennington, Vt. Severl lodging options, large chain groceries, movie theater.

Waypoint: CityStream

mile 1598.80 / Water

Waypoint: SplitRockVT

mile 1599.37 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: MelvilleNauheimTr

mile 1600.21 / Shelter Junction

E 0.1 miles to Melville Nauheim Shelter. Water source for the shelter is a short distance north.

Waypoint: LT1523

mile 1600.73 / Power line

Waypoint: GlastonburyWildS

mile 1600.78 / Sign

Waypoint: HellHollowBk

mile 1601.77 / Water

Waypoint: LT1756

mile 1603.10 / Trail Junction

E 0.7 miles to Little Pond.

Waypoint: GlastonburyWildN

mile 1606.89 / Sign

Waypoint: GoddardShelter

mile 1608.33 / Shelter

Sleeps 10, loft, privy. Water source is a spring just south on the AT. Trail junction.

Waypoint: GlastonburyMtn

mile 1608.58 / Summit

3,748'. Lookout tower.

Waypoint: KidGoreSpur

mile 1612.27 / Shelter Junction

E 50 yards to Kid Gore Shelter. Water source for the shelter is at Caughnawaga Camp.

Waypoint: CaughnawagaCamp

mile 1612.32 / Campsite

Water source is a brook nearby.

Waypoint: LT3026

mile 1616.11 / Water

Tributary of South Alder Brook.

Waypoint: StorySpringShelter

mile 1616.93 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy, tenting. Water is located just north of the shelter on the AT.

Waypoint: USFS71

mile 1618.50 / Road

Waypoint: BlackBk

mile 1619.47 / Water

Footbridge. Campsites nearby.

Waypoint: StrattonDeerfield

mile 1620.41 / Water

Stratton-Arlington Road, bridge over East Branch Deerfield River.

Waypoint: StrattonArlingtonRd

mile 1620.45 / Parking

Waypoint: IPRoadS

mile 1621.77 / Road

Two track. Possibly Stratton Mtn Bypass.

Waypoint: StrattonMtn

mile 1624.06 / Summit

3,940'. Lookout tower. Trail east to top of ski lifts.

Waypoint: StrattonSpring

mile 1624.26 / Water

Waypoint: IPRoadN

mile 1625.95 / Road

Grassy road can be used as a direct bypass of Stratton Mountain.

Waypoint: LT4043

mile 1626.54 / Water

Footbridge over a large stream.

Waypoint: StrattonShelterSpur

mile 1627.02 / Shelter Junction

W 0.1 miles to Stratton Pond Shelter.

Waypoint: LTLyeBkTr

mile 1627.11 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: LTAroundStrattonPd

mile 1627.21 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: LyeBkWildS

mile 1627.33 / Sign

AT nobo enters Lye Brook Wilderness.

Waypoint: WinhallRiver

mile 1628.93 / Water


Waypoint: LT4423

mile 1630.32 / Water


Waypoint: LTBranchPdTr

mile 1631.65 / Shelter Junction

W 0.5 miles to William B. Douglas Shelter.

Waypoint: LT4621

mile 1632.40 / Gate

Waypoint: LTRootvilleRd

mile 1632.64 / Trail Junction

Old Rootville Road (gravel) leads 2.1 miles and descends 1200 feet to Vt. 30 in Manchester Center.

Waypoint: SprucePeakShelterTr

mile 1634.69 / Shelter Junction

W 0.1 miles to Spruce Peak Shelter.

Waypoint: SprucePeakSpur

mile 1635.12 / Trail Junction

W 100 yards to Spruce Peak.

Waypoint: LT4925

mile 1635.52 / Power line

Waypoint: LT5061

mile 1636.94 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: VT11

mile 1637.40 / Parking

E 2.5 miles via Vt. 11 to Bromley Market, (802) 824-4444, deli open 7–7. W 3.7 miles to EconoLodge Motel, (802) 362-3333; Toll Road Inn, (802) 362-1711; Red Sled Motel, (802) 362-2161; a diner. W 5.5 miles to Manchester Center, VT. PO 05255 M-F 8:30-4:30, Sa 9-12, (802) 362-3070. Green Mountain House, <http://www.greenmountainhouse.net>, (330) 388-6478, reservations required. Beds, shower, laundry, loaner clothes, full kitchen with free breakfast, camping. Private room for couples. In town there is a Price Chopper and Shaw’s. The Mountain Goat and EMS sell hiking equipment. Coin laundry; doctor; dentist; pharmacy; veterinarian; movie theater; restaurants; Manchester Taxi, (802) 362-4118 and (802) 688-6426; Leonard’s Taxi, (802) 379-5332.

Waypoint: LT5108

mile 1637.43 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: LT5121

mile 1637.55 / Power line

Waypoint: BromleyBrook

mile 1638.05 / Water


Waypoint: BromleyShelterSpur

mile 1639.25 / Shelter Junction

East 100 yards to Bromley Shelter.

Waypoint: BromleyMtn

mile 1640.17 / Summit

3260'. From here the southbound trail turns right down a nice ski slope for a quarter mile before reentering the woods. West 50 feet to a privy. E 150 feet to a Bromley Cabin, offering limited shelter.

Waypoint: MadTomNotch

mile 1642.58 / Parking

USFS 21.

Waypoint: StylesPeak

mile 1644.11 / Summit


Waypoint: PeruPeak

mile 1645.69 / Summit


Waypoint: PeruPeakWildN

mile 1646.86 / Sign

AT nobo leaves the Peru Peak Wilderness.

Waypoint: PeruPeakShelter

mile 1646.96 / Shelter

Sleeps 10, privy, fee. Camping at designated sites. Water source is the brook near the shelter.

Waypoint: GriffithLakeCamp

mile 1647.39 / Campsite

Privy, tent platforms. Fee charged in summer.

Waypoint: LT-Corridor7

mile 1647.60 / Trail Junction

Old Job Trail, south junction with the AT. AT nobo enters the Big Branch Wilderness.

Waypoint: LT-LakeTr

mile 1647.75 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: ATBakerPeakTr

mile 1649.38 / Trail Junction

Baker Peak Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: LostPondStream

mile 1651.22 / Water

Waypoint: LostPondShelter

mile 1651.41 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, tentsites. Water source is a stream in a ravine to the right of the shelter.

Waypoint: ATOldJobTr

mile 1652.89 / Trail Junction

East 1 mile to Old Job Shelter.

Waypoint: BigBranch

mile 1652.99 / Water

Big Branch suspension bridge. Camping just east on the bank of Big Branch.

Waypoint: BigBranchShelter

mile 1653.11 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy. Water source is Big Branch.

Waypoint: BigBranchWildN

mile 1654.04 / Scenic Area

AT nobo leaves the Big Branch Wilderness.

Waypoint: USFS10

mile 1654.33 / Road

USFS 10/Danby-Landgrove Road. Pit privy. Bridge over Big Black Branch with swimming holes.

Waypoint: LittleBlackBrS

mile 1654.97 / Water

AT crosses Little Black Branch on a small iron bridge.

Waypoint: LittleBlackBrN

mile 1655.13 / Water

AT crosses Little Black Branch on logs.

Waypoint: LT6844

mile 1655.18 / Water

Spring tributary of Little Black Branch.

Waypoint: ATLittleRockLoopS

mile 1656.30 / Trail Junction

Loop trail west around Little Rock Pond rejoins the AT.

Waypoint: LittleRockSpur

mile 1656.33 / Shelter Junction

East 50 feet to Little Rock Pond Shelter, privy, tent platforms, fire pit.

Waypoint: LittleRockSpring

mile 1656.38 / Water

Pooling spring at the bank of Little Rock Pond.

Waypoint: ATLittleRockLoopN

mile 1656.62 / Trail Junction

Trail west across outlet of and around Little Rock Pond.

Waypoint: LittleRockTentSpur

mile 1656.75 / Trail Junction

Spur trail to Little Rock Pond group tenting site.

Waypoint: AT165039

mile 1657.40 / Scenic Area

Stone ruins.

Waypoint: HomerStoneBk

mile 1657.60 / Water

AT crosses Homer Stone Brook on a bridge.

Waypoint: LT7099

mile 1657.76 / Water

ATV trail bridge over a tributary of Homer Stone Brook, reliable water.

Waypoint: WhiteRocksJct

mile 1660.64 / Trail Junction

West 0.2 miles to White Rocks Cliffs

Waypoint: GreenwallJct

mile 1661.15 / Shelter Junction

Junction of the AT with the trail to Greenwall Shelter. Greenwall Shelter 0.3 miles east.

Waypoint: ATKeewaydin

mile 1661.84 / Trail Junction

Keewaydin Trail junction with AT.

Waypoint: BullyBrook

mile 1661.90 / Water