Waypoint: SunriseMtn

mile 1319.00 / Summit


Waypoint: SunriseParking

mile 1319.13 / Parking

Waypoint: CriggerRoad

mile 1319.81 / Road

Dirt road.

Waypoint: MashipacongShelter

mile 1322.28 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, privy, no water.

Waypoint: DeckertownTpk

mile 1322.44 / Road

Waypoint: ATIrisI

mile 1323.09 / Trail Junction

Iris Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: ATIrisII

mile 1324.33 / Trail Junction

Iris Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: ATIrisIII

mile 1324.41 / Trail Junction

Iris Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: DutchShoeTr

mile 1325.14 / Trail Junction

E 0.3 miles to Rutherford Shelter.

Waypoint: ATIrisIV

mile 1327.45 / Trail Junction

Iris Trail joins the AT.

Waypoint: NJ23

mile 1327.63 / Road

N.J. 23. Nearby High Point State Park headquarters has water and restrooms. E 1.5 miles to High Point Country Inn, 1328 Route 23, Wantage, NJ 07461, (973) 702-1860, <http://www.highpointcountryinn.com>, maildrops accepted, mark name and ETA. Annabel’s Pizza, (973) 875-1886; Grand Eastern Chinese, (973) 702-1138. W 4.4 miles to Days Inn, (845) 856-6611, breakfast, pool, WiFi. Shop-Rite, Village Pizza, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, bank with ATM. W 7 miles to Port Jervis, N.Y. PO 12771 open M-F 9-5, Sa 9-3, (845) 858-8173. Erie Hotel and Restaurant, (845) 858-4100, holds maildrops. Save-a-Lot (long-term resupply). Deer Park Cafe, Burger King, Pizza, Chinese food. Pharmacy, hospital, bank. Metro-North Railroad/NJ Transit stop with service to Harriman, New York City, and Secaucus, N.J.

Waypoint: AT132184

mile 1328.64 / Scenic Area

Observation tower.

Waypoint: SRT-SW

mile 1328.77 / Trail Junction

Junction of the AT with the Shawangunk Ridge Trail. West 0.2 miles to the obelisk at the New Jersey high point. West 11.3 miles to the New York Long Path, which after 40 miles coincides with the AT at the latter's milepost 1383.

Waypoint: HighPtSpur

mile 1329.28 / Shelter Junction

E 200 yards to High Point Shelter, water, privy.

Waypoint: Country519

mile 1330.58 / Road

Northernmost point on the AT in NJ. Northbound, the AT makes a 90 degree turn southwest and closely parallels the NY-NJ border.

Waypoint: CourtwrightRd

mile 1331.37 / Road

Waypoint: FergusonRd

mile 1332.50 / Road

Waypoint: GemmerRd

mile 1333.15 / Road

Waypoint: RutgersCreek

mile 1333.84 / Water

Waypoint: GoodrichRd

mile 1334.13 / Road

Waypoint: GoldsmithRd

mile 1334.56 / Shelter Junction

West 0.2 miles to Jim Murray Shelter, on private property but open to thrus, water spigot, privy.

Waypoint: AT132811

mile 1334.95 / Road


Waypoint: UnionvilleRd

mile 1335.39 / Road

W 0.7 miles to Unionville, N.Y.

Waypoint: QuarryRd

mile 1335.65 / Road

W 0.6 miles to Unionville.

Waypoint: LottRd

mile 1336.36 / Road

W 0.4 miles to Unionville, N.Y. Post office 10988 open M-F 8-11:30 & 1-5, Sa 9-12, (845) 726-3535. Tenting in Unionville Memorial Park with water and toilet facility. Horler’s Store, long-term resupply, M-Sa 6-9, Su 7-7. Wit’s End Tavern, Su-Th 12-12, F-Sa noon-4 a.m.; Annabel’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant, (845) 726-9992, open 11-9.

Waypoint: NJ284

mile 1337.40 / Road

W 0.4 miles to End of the Line Grocery (short-term resupply), M-F 6–8, Sa 7-8, Su 7-6, deli. W 1.1 miles to Unionville, N.Y., although better foot access at ATLottRd.

Waypoint: LowerRoad

mile 1337.77 / Road

Waypoint: OilCityCarnegie

mile 1338.54 / Road

Corner of Oil City/State Line Road and Carnegie Road. This waypoint is in New York. W 1.7 miles to Unionville, N.Y., although better foot access at ATLottRd.

Waypoint: WallkillRiver

mile 1338.75 / Bridge

Wallkill River bridge on Oil City Road. This waypoint is in New York.

Waypoint: OilCityRoad

mile 1339.04 / Road

AT nobo trailhead at Oil City Road, start of wetlands walk.

Waypoint: LakeWallkillRd

mile 1341.00 / Road

Liberty Corners/Lake Wallkill Road. W 0.1 miles to house with water from an outdoor spigot.

Waypoint: WhiteHouseWA-N

mile 1341.09 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: PochuckShelterSpur

mile 1341.49 / Shelter Junction

W 100 yards to Pochuck Mountain Shelter. Water source is the white house south on the AT.

Waypoint: LouemmaLane

mile 1343.55 / Road

Waypoint: AT133704

mile 1343.72 / Water


Waypoint: AT133734

mile 1344.04 / Water

Large stream.

Waypoint: CountyRd565

mile 1344.15 / Road

W 1.1 miles to Glenwood, N.J., see next waypoint.

Waypoint: CountyRd517

mile 1345.65 / Road

W 1.1 miles to Glenwood, N.J. Post office zip 07418 Monday thru Friday 7:30-5, Sa 10-2, (973) 764-2616. Pochuck Valley Farm Market & Deli has water spigot and some provisions, open Monday thru Friday 6-6, Sa-Su 6-5, camping may be available.

Waypoint: PochuckCreek

mile 1346.36 / Bridge

Suspension bridge over Pochuck Creek.

Waypoint: WawayandaCreek

mile 1347.05 / Bridge

AT crosses Wawayanda Creek on Canal Road.

Waypoint: AT134069

mile 1347.27 / Bridge

Waypoint: AT132513

mile 1347.80 / Railroad

New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway.

Waypoint: NJ94

mile 1347.98 / Road

N.J. 94 (Vernon Warwick Road). W 0.1 miles to Heaven Hill Farm, with donuts, produce, deli, ice cream, water spigot. W 2.4 miles to Vernon, N.J. 07462. Post Office open M-F 8:30-5, Sa 9:30-12:30, (973) 764-9056. A&P Supermarket and Healthy Thymes Market, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Chinese food, Dairy Queen, pizza, UPS store, motels, dentist, vet, pharmacy, and Mountain Creek, a theme park. Vernon Taxi (973) 632-2005. W 6.1 miles to Warwick, N.Y.

Waypoint: AT134353

mile 1350.26 / Water

Large stream.

Waypoint: BarrettRd

mile 1351.05 / Parking

Waypoint: IronMtnRd

mile 1352.17 / Bridge

Iron Mountain Road, bridge over creek.

Waypoint: OldWawayandaRd

mile 1352.83 / Road

Waypoint: WawayandaShelter

mile 1353.03 / Shelter

Sleeps 6, privy, no water.

Waypoint: ATHoeferlinS

mile 1353.14 / Trail Junction

E 0.3 miles to a park office with water spigot.

Waypoint: ATHoeferlinN

mile 1353.18 / Trail Junction

Hoeferlin Trail Spur joins the AT. E 0.3 miles to piped water.

Waypoint: ParkerLakeOut

mile 1353.22 / Water

Parker Lake appears to be a beaver habitat.

Waypoint: WarwickTurnpike

mile 1353.46 / Road

W 2.7 miles to Shop-Rite; Pennings Orchard and Farm Market.

Waypoint: LongHouseDrive

mile 1354.91 / Road

Waypoint: LongHouseCreek

mile 1355.98 / Water

Outlet of highly developed Upper Greenwood Lake.

Waypoint: ATErnestWalker

mile 1356.70 / Trail Junction

South junction of the Appalachian Trail with the Ernest Walker Trail.

Waypoint: ATStateLineTr

mile 1356.97 / Trail Junction

New Jersey-New York State Line, junction of the State Line Trail with the AT.

Waypoint: ProspectRock

mile 1357.41 / Summit

Prospect Rock view

Waypoint: AT136973

mile 1358.22 / Water


Waypoint: VillageVistaTr

mile 1360.50 / Trail Junction

Greenwood Lake Village Vista Trail junction with AT. Greenwood Lake is 1 mile east and 540 feet downhill from the AT. Restaurants, lodging, limited resupply.

Waypoint: AT135431

mile 1362.03 / Power line

Waypoint: NY17A

mile 1362.42 / Trailhead

E 2 miles to the town of Greenwood Lake, NY with restaurants, lodging and short term resupply.

Waypoint: AT135539

mile 1363.08 / Pipeline

Waypoint: WildcatSpur

mile 1364.50 / Shelter Junction

W 200 yards to Wildcat Shelter.

Waypoint: AT135694

mile 1365.29 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: LakesRd

mile 1365.92 / Road

Waypoint: TroutBk

mile 1365.98 / Water

Cross a brook under power lines.

Waypoint: MombashaHighPt

mile 1368.11 / Summit


Waypoint: WMombashaRd

mile 1369.26 / Road

Waypoint: KloibersPdOutlet

mile 1369.40 / Water

Waypoint: EMombashaRd

mile 1370.85 / Parking

Waypoint: LittleDamLakeInlet

mile 1371.13 / Water

Waypoint: OrangeTpk

mile 1372.22 / Road

Waypoint: NY17

mile 1373.90 / Road

W 2 miles to Harriman Metro-North, with service to New York's Penn Station.

Waypoint: I-87

mile 1374.11 / Road

I-87 overpass.

Waypoint: AT136626

mile 1374.25 / Parking

Waypoint: ATArden-Surebridge

mile 1374.41 / Trail Junction

Red blazed Arden-Surebridge Trail leads east.

Waypoint: IslandPondRoad

mile 1375.58 / Road

Waypoint: IslandPdOutlet

mile 1375.66 / Water

Island Pond Outlet crossing.

Waypoint: ATCrookedRd

mile 1375.91 / Trail Junction

Waypoint: ATCrookedRd2

mile 1375.98 / Trail Junction

Crooked Road leaves AT nobo.

Waypoint: AT~A-SB~2

mile 1376.11 / Trail Junction

Arden-Surebridge Trail (red) joins AT.

Waypoint: AT~A-SB~3

mile 1376.13 / Water

Waypoint: LemonSqueezer

mile 1376.14 / Scenic Area

Waypoint: LongPath~AT

mile 1376.84 / Trail Junction

Junction of the Long Path with the AT. South 50 miles to the Long Path's southern terminus at the George Washington Bridge.

Waypoint: SurebridgeBrook

mile 1377.56 / Water

Small stream.

Waypoint: ATRamapoDunderberg

mile 1378.18 / Trail Junction

Red blazed Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail joins the AT from the east.

Waypoint: FingerboardSpur

mile 1378.26 / Shelter Junction

E 100 yards to Fingerboard Shelter.

Waypoint: FingerboardMtn

mile 1378.35 / Summit

Waypoint: AT137123

mile 1379.25 / Scenic Area

Water tower.

Waypoint: LakeTioratiSpur

mile 1379.30 / Trail Junction

E on blue blaze 0.5 miles to Tiorati Circle with vending machine, bathroom.

Waypoint: AT137133

mile 1379.33 / Road

E to Lake Tiorati Circle with bathrooms, water, showers, vending machines.

Waypoint: ATRamapo-Dunderberg2

mile 1380.03 / Trail Junction

Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail crosses the AT.

Waypoint: AT137348

mile 1381.34 / Water

Cross a stream.

Waypoint: 7LakesDrive-1

mile 1381.49 / Road

Waypoint: ATRamapo-Dunderberg3

mile 1382.67 / Trail Junction

AT joins Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail near unreliable Bockey Swamp Brook.

Waypoint: WilliamBrienShelter

mile 1383.47 / Shelter

Sleeps 8, no privy. Well water 80 yards to the right of the shelter, or 0.4 miles west on the yellow blazed Menomine Trail.

Waypoint: SilvermineRd

mile 1384.33 / Road

Old road.

Waypoint: BlackMtnB

mile 1384.78 / Summit


Waypoint: AT-1779

mile 1385.35 / Trail Junction

1779 Trail crosses the AT.

Waypoint: PalisadesPkwy

mile 1385.55 / Road

Palisades Interstate Parkway median. West 0.5 miles to a small store in the median.