Big Hike Official Instructions


Airplane Mode will save your battery, especially in areas of limited service. Besides logging in, every part of Big Hike is designed to work in Airplane Mode.


GPS. The purpose of the GPS switch is twofold. First, GPS will turn off when you use Go to or the trail/mile selector. To turn GPS back on, use the GPS switch. Shorts Guide will begin updating the Map, Trail, and You tabs in real time.

Turning off GPS when you don't need it will save battery.

night hike. Night hike inverts the colors. 


The trail/mile selector works like Go to. It allows you to set the app an arbitrary location on any trail in the database. Use the slider at the top to adjust how many trails you see in the list. Pick a trail, enter a mile and press Go! Shorts Guide will display data as if you were standing at that location. 


The map may render slowly, especially when zoomed out. Use pinch gestures and double tap to zoom in. The map does not pan or display waypoints. The color of the crosshairs tells you whether the map is updating in real time.


You first need to log in before you can add comments. Use your Google credentials to securely log in via the settings menu. You can leave a comments on waypoints that are in your device's vicinity. You need to wait at least 12 hours between comments on any given waypoint. Your comments are visible to everyone who uses Big Hike. You can revise your comments at any time by bringing your device to the associated waypoint and tapping your previous comment to open the editor. 

You do not need an internet connection to leave comments. When you connect to the internet your comments will sync automatically.


🚽: running water bathroom

🌉: bridge

: campsite/campground

🌄: gap/notch

G/g: grocery store/small store

H: hostel

🛏: lodging

🍴: meals

O: outfitter

🅿️: parking

PL: power lines and gas corridors 

PO: post office

💩: privy

🚗: road

🛤: railroad

SA: scenic area

SH: shelter

ℹ️: sign

: summit

TH: trail head

TR: trail junction

🌳: tree

💧: water 


Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding, you may contact us using the information below.

Big Hike

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